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Utopia Prediction Box by Magic Wagon Trained by 3D Magic Works Tesserract Transposition by Illusion Arts Magic ESP Elite (#4 of 10) by Ian Maltby 3Cast by Paul Richards Miracle Mirror Penetration by Magiro, Lothar Vogt Wonder Block Thru Wand (Mini) by Holland Magic Studio Key-R-Rect (Keyrect) by Stewart James, Merriss Magic The Mind's Eye Box by Paul McCaig Nest of Boxes by R.A.R Magic Merrill's Psychedelic Premonition by R.D. Merrill Magic Tile Puzzle by Winston Freer, John Rogers The Chest of Ching See by O'Dowd Mfg. Prediction Chest by Tim Star Predator Wallet by R. Paul Wilson 100th Anniversary Die Box by Owen Magic Supreme Lassen Triple Threat by Todd Lassen Cubes and Tubes by Holland Magic Studio SYKYS by Bazar de Magia Block and Bolt Trick by Jay Leslie, Kenard Mini Magic SwitchBoard by Wellington Enterprises Trabucco Holdout by Victor Trabucco The Mummy by Eddy Taytelbaum Badlands Box Dieluxe by Collectors’ Workshop, Magic Wagon, Tony Curtis Tommy Wonder's Tamed Cards by Card-Shark Loop de Loop by 3D Magic Works Voodoo Ritual by Larry Knecht Dean's Box by Dean Dill Micro Outhouse by Wolf's Magic Coin Cylinder by Fred Lowe Custom Sesame Drawer Box by Milson-Worth Cylinder and Coin Set with 1964 Silver Kennedys by Frank Starsinic, et al Ribbon Fantastique by Ed Massey Excalibur by Future Magic Industrial Revelation by Jamie D. Grant Predator Wallet by R. Paul Wilson FISM Flash by John Cornelius Silk Pistol by Magic Hands Spring Rabbit by Magic Inc. Card-Shark - Medieval Tarol Deck by Card-Shark Coin Unique by Eddie Gibson Color Changing Records by Chu's Magic Company Vanishing Ring (Blue) by Sans Minds Copper Okito Box Set (#3 of 6) by MagicCrafter Chink-A-Chink by Jim Riser Stunners Plus! by Larry Becker Mental Die  by Anverdi Mental Dice by Marc Antoine Magic Switchbox IV by Jaques China Tower Mystery by Thomas Pohle, Eckhard Boettcher Tel's Bells by Pro Magic Blow Yur Stack by Wolf's Magic The Weber Wallet by Michael Weber Miller Miracle Wallet by Ray Piatt Devano Rising Cards (Blue) by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering, George Richbark ABC Gumball Recycler by Wolf's Magic Double Deception Deluxe by Bob Swadling, Mark Mason Thin Model Card Box (Brass) by Viking Mfg., Brema Timeless Sport by João Miranda Jack and Jill  by The Trickery, Viking Mfg. Lassen Ramsay Stack by Todd Lassen Pegasus Page by Arthur Emerson Phoenix Square Circle by Fantasma Super Triple Coin (Double Face) (Eisenhower Dollar) by Johnny Wong, Paul Richards Hoo's Koin Box by Paul Diamond Comedy Card In Balloon by Ron MacMillan Magiro's Miracle Mirror Penetration (Okito Style) by Limited Edition Magic Time Special by Yrus Eye Tester Deluxe (Upside Down Eye) by Bill Montana Absconding Lycan, The by Magic Wagon Robert Harbin's Bending Rod by Limited Edition Magic Shell Shocked (Silver Morgans) by Mark Mason, Bob Swadling Sight Unseen Case by Mark Strivings Telekinetic Chess by Gary Brown, Collectors' Workshop Miracle Chip by Mark Mason Card Sword Deluxe by Julio Lipan Climbing Coin by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering Horizontal Card Rise Deluxe (Remote) by Collectors' Workshop Magic Safe (Magic-Tresor) by Magiro Deluxe Ring Grinder by Collectors' Workshop Jo-Anne - The Improved Card Duck by Warren Hamilton Peter Warlock Glass Penetration by Peter Warlock Qble - Cube Table by Spider Ultimate Card Sword by El Duco's Magic Oriental Block Penetration by Michael Baker Magiro's Miracle Mirror Penetration (Deluxe Hardwood) by Limited Edition Magic Zippo 4 Aces Lighter by Zippo Sneak Thief by Larry Becker Crystal Cube Release by Louis Histed, David Scott Wide Card by Victor Trabucco Expanded Silver Morgan Dollar Shell Set by Auke Van Dokkum Frozen in Time (High-Tech Version) by Masuda First Class Case by 3D Magic Works Wiz-Kote Machine by Chalet Magic Magic Box, The by Arlen Studio ABC Blocks (Mini) by Mel Babcock Flying Color Cards by Lubor Fiedler Color Match by Craig Filicetti Turbo Bunny by Kovari Magic Dragon Domino Prediction by Fantasma Cube-A-Libre (Super Deluxe Bewildering Blocks) by Harries Great Tricks Revisited by Robert Parrish Eye Tester (Upside Down Eye) by Bill Montana Expert at The Card Table (2002) by S.W. Erdnase Mogar's Knives by Joe Mogar Hippity Hop Rabbits by Collectors' Workshop Magic of Robert Harbin by Robert Harbin Copper, Silver, Brass Transposition by Johnson Products Delben Okito-Williams Money Maker by Okito-Williams Khyber Cobra by Collectors’ Workshop NFW! by Gary Freed Multiplying Bottles (like Ken Brookes) by Show-Biz Services Miller Card Drawer Box by Clarence Miller Ultissimo by Tannen's, Paul Curry Ghost Box by Magic Wagon Dragon Fortune Coin Bag by Fantasma HueGo by Paul Richards Phone-Ale by Wolf's Magic Mystery Box by John Kennedy Ring Grinder by Dave Powell Mental Dice by LabcoMagic The Apple and The Block of Gold by Ali Bongo, Future Magic Elevator Dice by Eddy Taytelbaum Card-Shark - Gypsy Deck by Card-Shark Card Magic of Nick Trost by Nick Trost Dice of Poseidon by Magic Wagon The Mint by Alan Wakeling, Johnson Products Ali Baba Coin Box and Paul Fox Cylinders by Paul Diamond, Eddie Gibson Color Changing Knives by Jose de la Torre, Gary Frank Production Pad by Dean Dill Dice Pyramid by Dr. Marrax, Future Magic Modernized Del Ray Computer Deck by Bill Spooner Fortuna by Magic Hands Top Crystal Box by Vincenzo Di Fatta The Eddy Smit Magic Table Bell (#10 of 100) by Holland Tricks Ultissimo Deluxe by Louis Gaynor, Paul Curry, Quantimental by Ed Mellon, James Swoger Mentalist's Dream Box by Max Krause Tango Ultimate Coin T.U.C (Silver Morgans) by Tango Magic Mental UFO II by LabcoMagic Card Box (non-locking) by Mel Babcock Riser Cups Collection by Jim Riser Folding Magician's Table by Magic City Cellulator, The by Wolf's Magic Darwin Ortiz At The Card Table by Darwin Ortiz Bewitched Blocks Redux by George Ledo Flipper Coin Pro Gravity (Silver Morgans) by Tango Magic 

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