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Industrial Revelation by Jamie Grant Hydro Die by Magiro Double Deception Deluxe by Bob Swadling, Mark Mason Boxxed II by Larry Becker Dean's Box by Dean Dill Rocky Raccoon by Magic Masters Spring Rabbit by Magic Inc. Zig Zag Coin - Snakewood by Mark Teufel Buma Board by John Born Cha Am Drawer Box by Magic Wagon Absolute Magic by Derren Brown Z Frame by Magic Wagon Get Sharky by Christoph Borer Magic Tile Puzzle by Winston Freer Tel's Bells by Pro Magic Din Daeng Die Vision by Magic Wagon Ultimate Zig Zag Card by Magic Wagon Annemann's Perfect Card by Signature Pieces Fobulous by Steve Shufton Golden Fun Shears by Stan Watson Drawing Room Deceptions by Guy Hollingworth The Jerx, Vol. 1 by Andy Die-Abolical by Steve Cook, Tony Curtis Lassen Triple Threat by Todd Lassen Lassen UWC Coin Set by Todd Lassen Mental Case by Steve Cook The Weber Wallet by Michael Weber Predator Wallet by R. Paul Wilson Mini Magic SwitchBoard by Wellington Enterprises Key-R-Rect by Merriss Magic Cobra Light Plus by Cobra Magic Strange Travelers by Paul Harris, David Blaine Ring Ring Ring A Bell by Pro Magic Lightning Coin Purse by Larry Becker Flying Color Cards by Lubor Fiedler Magic and Meaning by Eugene Burger/Robert Neale Wiz-Kote Machine by Chalet Magic Ultimate 3 Fly by Bob Kohler/Todd Lassen Super Tango Ultimate Coin (Eisenhower Dollar) by Tango Magic Cerberus with DVD by Todd Lassen, David Neighbors Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner Zippo Bicycle Deck and Lighter by Zippo Devano Rising Cards (Blue) by George Richbark Zippo 4 Aces Lighter by Zippo Card-Shark - Medieval Tarol Deck by Card-Shark Device and Illusion by Jim Steinmeyer Die-Abolical Version 2 by Steve Cook, Tony Curtis Zippo Card Lighters by Zippo 100th Anniversary Die Box by Owen Magic Supreme Zig Zag Illusion by GEM Magic Mighty Mini - Light Heavy Chest by Gimpy's Magic Super Triple Coin (Double Face) (Eisenhower Dollar) by Johnny Wong, Paul Richards Mystic Mind Spheres by Magic Wagon Sucker Punch by Mark Southworth Glassy Briefcase by Tora Magic Company Perfect Time III by Collectors' Workshop Tricks by David Ben Pony Boy Bang Gun by Pony Boy Mini Pool Balls Prediction by Magic Wagon Ted Lesley's Marked Deck by Ted Lesley Tommy Wonder Ring Box by Tabman Dice of Poseidon by Magic Wagon Tommy Wonder's Tamed Cards by Card-Shark Silver Odyssey by Collectors' Workshop Sympathetic Matchboxes (2014) by Bob Swadling Eye of the Idol by Tenyo Mini Guillotine by Mak Magic Atomic Stock Pile (Great Fusion Illusion) by Andre Kole Victorian Card Suspension by Dave Powell Fine Art of Magic by George G. Kaplan A. Atsma's Chicken Sword by Wolf's Magic Sight Unseen Case by Mark Strivings Something, Nothing, and More + ATA Case by Terry Elton House of Mystery - Vol. 1 by Teller, Todd Karr Stuck In Time by Tom Yurasits Conjuring Anthology, The by Jim Steinmeyer Perverse Card by Alan Warner Magic Swiss Card Clock by Urs Auckenthaler Blue Phantom Perfected by Wellington Enterprises Copper, Silver, Brass Transposition by Auke Van Dokkum Card Fountain by Marcelo Contento Chink-A-Chink by Jim Riser Dean's Box by Dean Dill Knight Vision Box by Magic Wagon Transformation Tube (Niffen Tube) by Mak Magic Gerlitz-Stull 14K Watch by Richard Gerlitz Electric Chair by Mephisto Huis Zig Zag Illusion by Chalet Magic Books of Wonder: Vol. 2 by Tommy Wonder/Stephen Minch Animation Frame by Tenyo Sneak Thief by Larry Becker Expanded Annemann Pocket Index by Christopher Taylor Life Savers by Michael Weber Mystery Box II by John Kennedy Farmyard Frolics by Supreme Magic  Company Daredevil Deck by Henry Evans See-Thru Guillotine (with Stand + ATA Case) by Wellington Enterprises Trabucco Holdout by Victor Trabucco Pegasus Page by Arthur Emerson Tai Ginseng (Headless Magician) by Tony Lackner Mental Dice by LabcoMagic Magic of Robert Harbin by Robert Harbin Card Spider by Owen Magic Supreme Dean's Triangle by Dean Dill Mystery China Box by Tenyo (T-201) French Arm Chopper by Mak Magic Hydro Die by Magiro Ghost Dice by Magic Wagon Leather Coin Purse by Goshman Mental Dice by LabcoMagic Turbo Bunny by Kovari Magic Eye of Odin Deluxe by MeTal WriTing Deluxe Oriental Die Box by Milson-Worth Card in Ring Box by Tommy Wonder and Auke Van Dokkum Bendix Bombshell Wallet by R.A.R. Magic 7-7-7 - The 21 Card Trick by Jon Racherbaumer Dean's Triangle by Dean Dill Cubes of Caliogostro by Howard Schwarzman Prediction Chest by Bob Mason and Arturo Illumin-Ace (Magic Switchboard) by Paul Bernhardt Card Sword Deluxe II by Murphy's Magic Supplies Atomic Ball (Original) by Magiro Clear Coinatration by Brian Cook Magic Gemstone and Hieroglyphic Spells by Magic Wagon Pocket Expert at The Card Table by S.W. Erdnase Adinkra Necklace by Magic Wagon Imperial Rice, Orange, And Checkers by Mak Magic SYKYS by Bazar de Magia Micro Atomic Stock Pile by Limited Edition Magic The Gold Medallion by Al Koran Hand of Cleopatra by Tony Lackner Chinese Shell Set by Auke Van Dokkum Playboy Bunny Close-up Table + Case by Bob Little Opium Coins by Sasco Visible Vampire by Mak Magic Makin Sparks by Sylvester the Jester Mirror-ly Perplexed by Dave Pavlov Bermuda Medallion by Magic Wagon, Tony Curtis Devil's Canister by Mak Magic Complete Works of Derek Dingle, The (First Edition) by Richard Kaufman Crystal Cleaver by Tenyo Double Boxes Discovery by Magic Wagon Blue Phantom Tube by Tony Lackner Box Ninety-Eight by Hand Crafted Miracles Jim Zee - Three Box Set (Regular, Boston, Slot) by Magical Enterprises Linking Rings by Rings 'N Things Magic Co. Wonder Block Thru Wand by Limited Edition Magic Fantastic Silk Frame by Magic Hands Block-Off by 3D Magic Works Annotated Magic of Slydini, The by Lewis Ganson, Slydini