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Simplex Chopper by George Richbark

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The first few photos are of the last version of the Simplex Chopper by George Richbark. However the next photos are of the one I owned that was really beaten up when I received it so I stained it to make it look consistently bad everywhere, but it is nothing like how they are shipped from George.

That being said I really like this chopper and it works automatically and is very solidly built.

Effect: A mid-priced comedy head chopper that works like the Lester Lake model, Only Better! No fumbling with gimmicked hasps and hand-operated levers. This chopper does all the work AUTOMATICALLY! Comes with Stainless Steel Saber style blade.

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Approx. Price: $795.00 (2002) ***

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2 reviews for Simplex Chopper by George Richbark

  1. Andy Martin

    A Head Chopper is meant to look Scary!

    And this little baby certainly does! I had it professionally stained a bit darker to make it look more authentic. You bring this out, start chopping some melons, and you know how it goes!

    Nice one!

  2. Michelle

    very convincing

    This trick certainly is a crowd pleaser.

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