The Gold Medallion by Al Koran

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Al Koran was a British Mentalist who created or popularized some of the most enduring magical effects and ideas of the last century, including Ring Flite (1968), The Koran Deck (which was actually Audley Walsh’s Magician’s Dream), and this item The Gold Medallion which has inspired many copies and variations.  You can see some of these effects on Denis Behr’s wonderful and a little more about Al Koran here.

Effect: Three members of the audience are each asked to call out any one-digit number. The numbers thus called are formed into a three-digit number, i.e. if one person calls out 5, the next calls out 3 and the third calls 7, the number thus formed would be 537.

Another spectator is handed a small black leather box and told to look inside. The spectator finds a gold medallion, engraved with various designs on its face. The spectator is asked to turn it over and call out what he finds inscribed on the back. Turning it over, he finds a number – the number formed by the audience – 537!

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