Sneak Thief by Larry Becker

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Effect: After four spectators each draw whatever comes to mind…the performer reveals who drew what and reads the thoughts of the final spectator for a smashing climax!

The mentalist distributes leather memo card holders and pencils to any four spectators. While the performer’s back is turned, the spectators each draw whatever they wish on the 3″ x 5″ file cards affixed to each holder. Anything that comes to mind…from just plain doodles to geometric designs.

When they’re finished, any one of the four spectators collects the holders and freely mixes them, drawing sides down. The performer takes one of the holders and after commenting humorously about what is drawn on it, proceeds to correctly reveal the identity of the spectator who drew it.

This is repeated with two more spectators. Again, the performer unerringly identifies which spectator drew which picture. Turning to the final spectator, the performer admits that it would be an anti-climax to reveal that the last drawing belongs to him. Instead, the performer states that he will not touch the lone remaining holder which is lying drawing side down on the table. Picking up a sheet of cardboard, the performer draws something on it. Placing the pen aside, the mentalist asks the fourth spectator to reveal what he drew on his card. As he does so, the performer picks up the memo holder and simultaneously displays it along side of the piece of cardboard. The audience sees that the miracle worker has CORRECTLY DUPLICATED THE SPECTATOR’S DRAWING.

Now read this carefully! The four genuine leather memo holders (which sell for $10-$15 each in stores) are NOT MARKED! The blank 3″x5″ file cards the spectators write on are TOTALLY UNPREPARED AND UNMARKED IN ANY WAY! NO MIRRORS or IMPRESSION DEVICES are used. NO STOOGES. This is strictly a one man effect and you’ll love the truly “sneaky” principle that enables you to steal the spectator’s thoughts as you perform this miracle of mentalism. Most important of all, the routine is PURE ENTERTAINMENT EROM START TO FINISH! And unlike most psychometry effects…”Sneak Thief has a dynamite finish\ Don’t miss this one.

Complete with four genuine black leather memo holders with brass comers fashioned by England’s master craftsman, Roy Roth. (While they’re totally ungimmicked…they’re absolutely necessary). Beautifully routined and conceived by Larry Becker.

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