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Run Dino Run by Mak Magic

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In 1939 the Englishman Harry Leat invented what became one of the best and most enduring children’s effect of all time, to read more about the routine for this classic effect click here.

This version is well made, brightly colored, and appeals to young children as dinosaurs are far cooler than rabbits!

Effect: Jimmy King has produced a version of Run Rabbit Run that will drive the kids nuts! It’s called Run, Dino, Run and it’s a beauty! Dinosaurs are hot, hot, hot. So, a kids’ routine using Dinos is perfect!

The effect is classic. Show a frame with two doors in the front and two in the back. One each side is a Dinosaur’s cave. Bring out the cute little Dinosaur. He’s purple. Put him in the cave on the left and shut the door. If the kids see him run across to the other cave, they are to let you know right away. Needless to say, the Dinosaur immediately runs to the other cave. And, the kids scream that they saw him go. When you open the doors, he’s run back to his own cave. So, you open the door to his cave, and he runs to the other cave. Back and forth he goes. The kids always see him run; you never catch him! He even peeks out from behind his cave! The kids go nuts! Finally, you open all four doors and the Dinosaur has vanished! He ends up hanging on your back! Beautifully made. Excellent graphics. 22″ long by 10″ tall. Comes with a nice wooden stand. Lots of magic with an excellent theme.

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1 review for Run Dino Run by Mak Magic

  1. Andy Martin

    The best just got better!

    Run rabbit Run is one of the best kids magic tricks around – and this effect has even more fun and mayhem than the Rabbit, because kids can relate more to dinosaurs! They are cooler after all!

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