The Wall of Magic (December 2001)
The Wall of Magic (December 2001)
“I cannot think of a single other person in the magic business like you …  You have a design, a purpose, and a goal. You do what no one else is doing.” Michael Baker, The Magic Company

Please Note: I do not sell magic on this site, but from time to time I do sell items from the collection on my sister site: Quality Magic, and  a list of our recommended magic dealers is here.  In addition, where possible I try to link to a dealer where you can buy the products if available online.  Unfortunately these links change quite often, but I do my best to keep them up to date. features the largest online collection of rare magic, vintage magic, and new magic today. To read more about my goal for please read about my History Project.

I still add to the site almost every week so check back often to find some photos and videos of amazing magic you might not have seen before, or to be reminded of some great magic you once owned.

Over the years I’ve received support for this site from various individuals, including: Collectors, Dealers and Craftsmen.  Of these, I would like to make a special mention to: George Guerra, Paul Richards, George Robinson, Alan Warner,  Magic WagonFrancois Danis, Digital Cheetah, and Premium Magic Network.  In particular, I would like to mention Joe and Mark Stevens of Stevens Magic for continuing to support me over the last ten years, your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the magic!

Andy Martin
October 2014

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