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In A Gilded Cage by Collectors' Workshop Quiver by Kelvin Chow Signature Nest of Boxes by Signature Pieces Bean Box (Purple Heart) by Louis Gaynor Clatter Box (Hard Wood Board) by Wonder Magic Darwin Ortiz At The Card Table by Darwin Ortiz World's Thinnest Deck of Cards by Jim Steinmeyer Golden Buddha by Magic Wagon A Night Out With the Girls by Tony Curtis Micro Chop Cup Set by James Riser, Dennis Loomis Color Changing Records by Chu's Magic Company Gypsy Yo Yo by David Levitan ESPecially WILD by Meir Yedid Magic Color Changing Records by Tricks Co. McBride's Candle by Jeff McBride Art of Astonishment - DVD by Paul Harris Magic Wand Lighter by El Duco's Magic 3Cast by Paul Richards Zig Zag Illusion by GEM Magic HueGo by Paul Richards Coin Wand by Joe Porper Hathaway Rising Cards by Martin Lewis Boxxed by Larry Becker Magic Book, The by Harry Lorayne Portable Flame Thrower by Kevin Lepine MC Color Vision by Mikame Craft Triception (Silver Morgans) by Mark Mason and Bob Swadling Micro Sliding Cube Box (Die Box) by Thomas Pohle Chinca Chinca by Tommy van Rhee Crazy Cubes (Blue) by Harries, Sweden Paper Cutter, The by David Merry Sucker Punch by Mark Southworth Picto-Chango by Trimble Silks Visible Vampire by Mak Magic Harbin Style Table - Metal by Unknown Alan Shaxon - The Sophisticated Sorcerer by Alan Shaxon, Scott Penrose, Stephen Short Mini Wandering Mummy by Francois Danis Ricardo's Hot Hot Chilli Peppers by House of Fire Riser Jumbo Cups and Balls by Jim Riser Spirit Clock Dial by Bazar de Magia ESP Chip-Sational by Viking Mfg./Trickery Ultimate Card Dagger by Magic Wagon Vanishing Cane  (Fantasio) by Fantasio Chinese Flame Clock by Milson-Worth Transformation Tube (Niffen Tube) by Mak Magic Mini Boxed Set - Exotic Woods by Colin Rose Industrial Revelation by Jamie Grant Chinese Coins by Ton Onosaka Maurice Fogel - In Search of the Sensational by Chris Woodward, Richard Mark Wow - Various by Masuda The Color of Mummy by 3D Magic Works Pro-Table by Viking Mfg. Copenetro - again by Bob Kline Impossible Double Hole Wrist Chopper by Fairchild Entertainment Tissel Tassel (Tizzel Tazzel) by Harries, Sweden Tommy Wonder's Tamed Cards by Card-Shark Absolute Magic by Derren Brown Magic Dice Set by LabcoMagic Magic Switchbox IV by Jaques Synchronicity by Jeff Sheridan Elephant Fly by Stoner's Inc Magnetized Cards by Gary Plants Skulladic Chips by Magic Wagon Gypsy Balloon by Tony Clark Tango Ultimate Coin T.U.C (Red Poker Chip) by Tango Magic Flip-Flap by Magic Hands Greater Magic by John Northern Hilliard Porper Copper Cups by Joe Porper Mental Die by Anverdi The Gift (Black) by Angelo Carbone Smiley the Mis-Made Clown by P&A Silks Dice Stacking Book, The by Todd Strong Picto Transpo by Gene Anderson Steel Ball Routine (Deluxe) by Lou Serrano Copper Silver (Silver Morgans) by Roy Kueppers Trapped by 3D Magic Works Spirit Clock Dial by Bazar de Magia Magnetic Spirit Slates by Bazar de Magia Martini Rising Cards by Martin's Magic Crazy Cubes (Green) by Harries, Sweden Hopping Half Set (Silver Morgans) by Mark Mason One for the Road - lota hip flask by Sam Dalal Paul Gertner's Steel and Silver by Richard Kaufman Kronos by Yves Doumergue The Golden Dragon by Magic Wagon Oriental Mirror Box (Medium, Painted) by Mel Babcock Production Pad by Dean Dill Cleveland Drawer Box by John ?/Martin Breese Nelson Compendium by Colin Rose Collapsible Top Hat by India Tango Ultimate Coin T.U.C (Silver Morgans) by Tango Magic Silk In Coke Bottle by Magic Hands Blow Yur Stack by Wolf's Magic ABC Blocks and Flap Box Combo by Mel Babcock Pro Table Base Tripod - Heavy Duty by Viking Mfg. Card Mirage by Ton Onosaka Natural Force Books by Ken Driscoll See-Thru Guillotine (with Stand + ATA Case) by Wellington Enterprises Flaming Dove Pan by Morrissey Magic Vernon Touch, The by Dai Vernon Folding Wand (again.) by Joe Porper Production Box (Unknown) by Unknown World's 2nd Best Card Trick by Collectors' Workshop Bowl-A-Rama by Kevin James Effective Card Magic by Bill Simon Bewildering Blocks (Cube A Libre) by Harries, Sweden Harbin Book, The by Martin Breese Flash Tray by Magic Smith Jumping Watch by El Duco's Magic MC Hopping Table by Mikame Craft Subtle Card Creations - Vol. 1 by Nick Trost Mini Phantom by Magic Wagon The Ramsay Classics by Andrew Galloway Misled by Timothy Wenk Six-Hour Memorized Deck by Martin Joyal Crazy Cubes (Red) by Harries, Sweden Cyclops Box by Martin Breese Dr. Q Spirit Hand by Thayer Quality Magic See-Thru Card by Tenyo Boxxed II by Larry Becker Buddha Boston Box PLUS (Eisenhower Dollar) by Omar Ferret Multiplying Bottles by Magia Magicus Rocky Raccoon by Magic Masters Disecto (Supreme) by Supreme Magic  Company Vapr by Sans Minds Color Changing Records Deluxe by Tricks Co. Spikes Thru Balloon by Mak Magic Fred Kaps: 1926-1980 by Freddie Jelsma Mystery Hole by Masuda Ultracinese by Leonardo Milanesi Shell Shocked (Silver Morgans) by Mark Mason and Bob Swadling Unity Illusion by Tony Davies Niffen Tube (Brass) by Bobs Magic Shop Gypsy Thread, The by Gary Ouellet Timecard by Gordon Bean Supreme Prediction Chest by Louis Gaynor Cylinder and Coin Set with 1964 Silver Kennedys by Frank Starsinic, et al Pen Through Anything by John Cornelius Quicker Than The Eye by John Mulholland Free Will by Deddy Corbuzier Nu Way Color Changing Records by Ton Onosaka Anverdi Barking Dog (Version 1) by Anverdi Close-up Table Version 2 by Jim Zee Happy Birthday Silk 36" by Viking Mfg. Small but Deadly by Paul Hallas Aerostatic Card by Bazar de Magia Sea-Ling's Family Ties by Richard Gerlitz 

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