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Lubor Fiedler's Die-A-Bolic by Howard Schwarzman ColorWise by 3D Magic Works Final Answer Parlor by Rocky Clements Eye of the Idol by Tenyo Books of Wonder: Vol. 2 by Tommy Wonder/Stephen Minch Industrial Revelation by Jamie Grant Miraculous Card Box by Magic Wagon Double Boxes Discovery by Magic Wagon Sight Unseen Case by Mark Strivings Exact Change by Greg Wilson Thayer's U-235 by Collectors' Workshop Card-Shark - Gypsy Deck by Card-Shark Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Anthony Miller, Tim Trono Versadex Wallet by Larry Becker Photo Frame by Mikame Craft Money Machine, The (Original Version) by Tony Lackner Doesn't Matter by Richard Gerlitz Box Ninety-Eight by Hand Crafted Miracles Blue Phantom Tube by Tony Lackner Szechuan Sampler 2.0 by Larry Becker, Lee Earle Eye See by 3D Magic Works Spider Pen by Yigal Mesika Bendix Bombshell Wallet by R.A.R. Magic The Weber Wallet by Michael Weber Passing Water by Kovari Magic Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner CoinMagic by Richard Kaufman M.I.N.T. Vol. I by Ed Marlo Man Eating Plant by Unknown Wenger Spirit Bell (with carry box) by Nick Wenger Ed Massey’s Carioca Production (Asian Style) by Limited Edition Magic Menta Chips by Howard Schwarzman Frame of Magic by Abe Creekmore Magic Digest by George B. Anderson Deluxe Ghost Glass Penetration by Limited Edition Magic Sucker Block Box by Mikame Craft Zig Zag Soda Can by Frank Klein Card Penetration Box by Joe Porper Cleveland Drawer Box by John ?/Martin Breese Coin Through Pen by Jay Leslie R.B. Coin Deck by Tony Curtis DicEscape by Shigeru Sugawara Books of Wonder: Vol. 1 by Tommy Wonder/Stephen Minch Enchanted Card Box 2 by Magic Wagon Glassy Briefcase by Tora Magic Company Monster Spring Snake by Unknown Lassen Ramsay Stack by Todd Lassen Symbology Deck by Sean Taylor Mini Card Ladder (#16 of 19) by Wolf's Magic MINE (2003 Edition) by Colin Rose O'Connell Small No-Palm Wallet - Original by Jerry O'Connell Colarado by GL.Magic Sel Impact by Mickael Chatelain Topsy Turvy Soda Bottles by Wack-o-Magic Sea-Ling's Butterfly Boxes by Richard Gerlitz Quadruple Spellbound by Simon Aronson Pantera Wallet V2 by Outlaw Effects Paramiracles by Ted Lesley Ellis Ring - 24K Gold Plate by Viking Mfg. See-Thru Guillotine (with Stand + ATA Case) by Wellington Enterprises Color Changing Dice (3 times) by Tora Magic Company Close-Up Table (Oak) by Daytona Magic Floating Power Perfected by Limited Edition Magic Pencil Without A Middle by Magic Wagon Cash To Cards by Henry Evans Hot Money Wallet by El Duco's Magic Extremity by Mozique, Taylor Imagineering Jewelry Box Prediction by Indomagic Land Deluxe Super Intelligence by Magic Wagon Geneva Prediction Watch by Collectors' Workshop Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Vol. 2 by Stewart James Money Machine, The by Tony Lackner Non-Rising Card - Jumbo by Clarence Miller Zebra Silk by Magic Hands Die Tunnel by Mel Babcock Supreme Serial Killer by Innovative Deceptions Anything Box by Brian Cook Bag for Dean's Box by Frank Starsinic Double Locked Box Mystery by Mak Magic Fish Sticks by Wolf's Magic Clear Diebox Improved by Brian Cook Penetrative Card Frame (Thayer Style) by Limited Edition Magic Mini Cube A Libre (2016) by Thomas Pohle Loaded Dice by Alan Wakeling Ball Thru Hand by Viking Mfg. Jewel of Denial by Jules Lenier, Nielsen Magic Cassandra Deck by Docc Hilford Imprint by Magic Wagon O'Connell Plus Wallet + The Unit by Jerry O'Connell Creation (2011) by Collectors' Workshop Mystery of The Pyramids Outdone by Wellington Enterprises Tango Ultimate Coin T.U.C (Silver Morgans) by Tango Magic Family Ties by Richard Gerlitz The Legacy Box by David Regal, Owen Magic Supreme Casinos Deck and Kit by Bryn Reynolds Encyclopedia of Card Tricks by Jean Hugard Enchanted Chambers of Sea-Ling by Richard Gerlitz Mish Mash Card by Harry Anderson Color Changing Rubik by Tora Magic Company Mod Quad Penetration by Magic Wagon Eight Ball by Daytona Magic Sword of The Ring by Magic Wagon, The Trickery Jumbo Half Dollar by Unknown Long Leather Himber Wallet by Mak Magic Zupan Professional Money Maker by Wladimir Lead to Gold by Richard Gerlitz Flying Coins and Tray by Mikame Craft Vision Box by Joao Miranda Tricky Table Top by Mak Magic Mystery Box II by John Kennedy Business Card Bunnies by Dick Barry Impromptu Supreme Serial Killer by Innovative Deceptions Banksia Chop Cup/Loose Change by Colin Rose Drawer Box (Natural) by Fun-Tastic Entertainment Inc Stand Up by Ian Keable Spring Rabbit by Magic Inc. Absolutely Impossible Wallet by Ken Brooke Chinese Shell Set by Auke Van Dokkum Mini Cube-A-Libre by Magic Wagon Die-Lemma by Steve Dusheck Wonder Block Thru Wand by Limited Edition Magic Dice Pyramid by Dr. Marrax Neptune's Chest by Harry Stanley/Unique Magic Studio Short Leather Himber Wallet by Murphy's Magic Supplies Riser Shorty by Jim Riser Mystic Mind Spheres by Magic Wagon Sucker Punch by Mark Southworth Double Take by Paul Richards Charlatan's Handbook, The by Sid Fleischman Great Chain Illusion by Jeff Hobson Three Dice Trick (Germany) Eye of Cyclops by Louis Histed Skulduggery by Doug Gorman Dice and Zebra Silk by Tora Magic Company Wiz-Kote Machine by Chalet Magic Beswitched by Arlen Studio Bermuda Medallion by Magic Wagon, Tony Curtis The Griffin's Caddy by Magic Wagon Predator Wallet by R. Paul Wilson Magnetic Himber Wallet by Alan Wong? Bermuda Triangle, The by Jeffry A. Woodward Mephisto's Bottles by Darrell Mac Super Force Glass by Alex McLittle Magical Creations Broken and Restored Fan by Viking Mfg. Williamson's Wonders by Richard Kaufman Ultimate 3 Fly by Bob Kohler/Todd Lassen Diceolation by Magic Wagon Johnny Thompson's Nemo 1500 Deluxe by Paul Stone Cairo Con by Alan Warner Prisoner's Paw by U.F. Grant 
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