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Ultissimo by Tannen's, Paul Curry Ultissimo Deluxe by Louis Gaynor, Paul Curry, Badlands Box Dieluxe by Collectors’ Workshop, Magic Wagon, Tony Curtis Climbing Coin by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering Two Percent Tacks by Owen Magic Supreme Pentra by Alan Warner FISM Flash by John Cornelius Pen Through Anything by John Cornelius World's Beyond by Paul Curry Diabolical by Charles Gauci Tango Flying Coins by Tango Magic Shrinking Card Case by John Cornelius Three Card Prince by Harry Anderson Dragon Fortune Coin Bag by Fantasma Commando by Owen Magic Supreme Multiplying Bottles by Magicus Dr. Q Prediction Chest by Owen Magic Supreme The Legacy Box by David Regal, Owen Magic Supreme Perfect Pen by John Cornelius Tony Griffith Lecture Notes by Tony Griffith Ascanio World of Knives + Knives by Joe Mogar, Ascanio Card Punch (Die) by 3D Magic Works Run Rabbit Run by Mak Magic Jim Zee - Three Box Set (Regular, Boston, Slot) by Magical Enterprises Super Color Vision Prediction by Owen Magic Supreme Monarch Prediction Chest by Magic Wagon Run Cookie Monster Run by Hank Lee Billet Box by Collectors' Workshop Nemo Jumbo Rising Cards by Ken Brooke Card Dice (Jumbo) by Vienna Magic Magician's Magic by Paul Curry Dream Coin Set by Johnny Wong Small Medieval Card Box by Viking Mfg. Telekinetic Chess by Gary Brown, Collectors' Workshop FISM Flash by John Cornelius Small Purse + Money - Original by Jerry O'Connell Prediction Chest by Tim Star Through The Needle (Thread it) by Owen Magic Supreme Chinese Flame Clock by Milson-Worth Squeeze Away Block (Mini) by Vincenzo Di Fatta Ribbon Clock Time Machine by Øyvind Kaurstad Greater Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields by Jon Racherbaumer HueGo by Paul Richards Tel's Bells by Pro Magic Expanded Annemann Pocket Index by Christopher Taylor Bound To Please by Simon Aronson Dragon Fortune Coin Bag by Fantasma Jack Hughes Hank Box by Viking Mfg. Time Special by Yrus Curious Cubes by Milson-Worth Annemann's Perfect Card by Signature Pieces Ultimate Zig-Zag Card by Magic Wagon Tango Ultimate Coin T.U.C (Silver Morgans) by Tango Magic Chest of Sibyl Prediction by Owen Magic Supreme Chinese Coin Production by Thomas Pohle Supreme Prediction Chest by Louis Gaynor Micro Sliding Cube Box (Die Box) by Thomas Pohle Ring Cruncher by Collectors' Workshop Color Monte by Emerson and West Chinese Fortune Gate by Thomas Pohle Boulevard 54 by Bazar de Magia Tricks With Chips by Erhard Liebenow Premier Checker X by Woodmagic Studio Sheherazade by Borodin/Translated by Bill Palmer Boomerang (WoodMagic) by Woodmagic Studio 1-2-3 Blocks or China Computer by Thomas Pohle The Chest of Ching See by O'Dowd Mfg. Prediction Chest by George Richbark New Vanishing Coca-Cola Bottle by Maxello Magic Expanded Silver Morgan Dollar Shell Set by Auke Van Dokkum Break-Away Die Box by Supreme Magic  Company Tablets of The Pharaohs, The by Thomas Pohle Pattrick's Close-Up Mat for Jim Zee Table by Pattrick's Mats EyePhone by Alan Boyd Devil's Canister by Mak Magic Hexed Ring Box by Sam Dalal Millennium Prediction Chest by George Richbark Jo-Anne - The Improved Card Duck by Warren Hamilton Babuska (Babutschkas Tarnkappe) by Magiro Astra Ball by 3D Magic Works, Méo New Generation Card Fountain by Marcelo Contento Cyclopedia of Magic by Henry Hay (Editor) Number Miracle, The by Thomas Pohle The Eddy Smit Magic Table Bell (#10 of 100) by Holland Tricks Humpty Dumpty by Abbott's Electric Touch by Yigal Mesika, Zeev Fleischman Multiplying Bottles by Reg Donnelly, Paul Romhany Tommy Wonder's Tamed Cards by Card-Shark Versatile Card Magic - DVD by Frank Simon, Earl Nelson Witch Boxes by Thomas Pohle Wenger Spirit Bell (with carry box) by Nick Wenger China Tower Mystery by Thomas Pohle, Eckhard Boettcher Mind's Eye Deck by Phil Goldstein Mona Lisa McComb by Black Rabbit Magic 100th Anniversary Die Box by Owen Magic Supreme Nest of Boxes by R.A.R Magic Dr. Q Spirit Slates by Owen Magic Supreme Tabman Magic by Tabby Crabb Devil's Cabinet by Ron MacMillan Special Effects by Paul Curry Multiplying Bottles (like Ken Brookes) by Show-Biz Services Magic Coin Box by Thomas Pohle Utopia Prediction Box by Magic Wagon Zippo Card Lighters by Zippo Chink-A-Chink by Jim Riser Die Prediction (Wurfelvoraussage Perfekt) by Magiro Red,White, Blue Paddle by Joe Porper Topsy Turvy Chair by Joe Porper Invisible Magic Sewing by Magiro Razzle Dazzle by Louis Gaynor Double Barrel by Bob Solari Magic Sea-Ling's True Love by Richard Gerlitz Coin Bomber by Johnny Wong Pantera Wallet V2 by Outlaw Effects 3 Dominoes Monte by Ren-Nee Sesame Cabinet by Owen Magic Supreme Double Locked Box Mystery by Mak Magic Box Ninety-Eight Pro Limited Edition 1 of 1 by Handcrafted Miracles Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner Micro Chop Cup Set by Jim Riser, Dennis Loomis Miracle Dice Cup by Magiro Richard Turner's Gamblers Cards by Richard Turner Chinese Tea For Two by Thomas Pohle Art Thief Deluxe (Gemaldediebstahl) by Tony Lackner Ken Brooke's Magic Place by Anthony Brahams Champagne Card by Astor Ring Escape Deluxe by Holland Magic Studio PSI Sharpie by Yves Doumergue Pain Game, The by Jon Allen Super Triple Coin (Double Face) (Eisenhower Dollar) by Johnny Wong, Paul Richards 

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