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Gift of Time by Collectors' Workshop Dean's Box by Dean Dill Cobra Deck by Dr. Schwartz Run Cookie Monster Run by Hank Lee Impossible Penetration Original by Clarence Miller Chink-A-Chink by Jim Riser Scarab Beetles (Metallic Green) by Black Fox Magic House of Mystery - Vol. 1 by Teller, Todd Karr Deception Dice Set by Magic Wagon Spectrum - Ultimate Color-Changing Deck by R. Paul Wilson Cyclops Box by Martin Breese Multiplying Bottles - Harries by Harries, Sweden Dice Tower by Tora Magic Company Hydro Die by Magiro Books of Wonder: Vol. 2 by Tommy Wonder/Stephen Minch Any Signed Card to Any Spectators Wallet by Jeff Kaylor, Michael Ammar Marksman Deck by Luke Jermay Dead Ringer by Tim Wisseman Executive Production Briefcase by Adelaide magic Factory Super Flower Box Frame by Tora Magic Company Mini Costume Change Automaton by Pierre Mayer Arne Rising Cards by Tannen's Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, Vol. 2 by Stephen Minch Stull System III by Collectors' Workshop Crazy Cubes (Green) by Harries, Sweden Eye of the Idol by Tenyo Ricochet! by R. Paul Wilson Die Box 3" by Mel Babcock Close-up Table Version 2 by Jim Zee Oriental Mirror Box (Medium, Painted) by Mel Babcock Bomb Proof by Colin Rose and Trevor Liley Impossible Penetration by Viking Mfg. Close-Up Case by Magic Hands Boston-Okito and Slot-Okito Sets by Trickery Bewildering Blocks (Cube A Libre) by Harries, Sweden Burn by Marc Antoine Mother of All Book Tests by Ted Karmilovich Glassy Briefcase by Tora Magic Company Sticky Situation by Andy Leviss Scarab Beetles (Metallic Red) by Black Fox Magic Symbology Deck by Sean Taylor Sketchpad Card Rise - Signature Edition by Martin Lewis Jim Zee - Three Box Set (Regular, Boston, Slot) by Magical Enterprises Fantasy Rising Cards by Dr. Schwartz Twin Dice Towers by Joker Magic Attaboy (Original) by Abbott's Appearing Mop by Sorcery Manufacturing Vernon Chronicles Vol. 1 - Lost Inner Secrets by Stephen Minch Riser Jumbo Cups and Balls by Jim Riser Baffling B.S. by Larry Becker, Lee Earle Card-Shark - Medieval Tarol Deck by Card-Shark Rubik's Rod by Andy Clockwise Dice Man by Andy Nyman Double Dribble by Rubber Chicken Depot Color Blind Deck by Gordon Bean Multiplying Bottles (like Ken Brookes) by Show-Biz Services Okito Style Mini Square Circle by Michael Baker Fine Art of Magic by George G. Kaplan Copper, Silver, Brass Transposition by Johnson Precision Magic Fism Flash by John Cornelius Jim Zee Close-up Table by Jim Zee Magic of Steven Hamilton by Douglas Cameron Mystery of Three Boxes by Michael Baker Predator Wallet by R. Paul Wilson Cups and Balls by Johnson Precision Magic Playboy Bunny Close-up Table + Case by Bob Little Anything Box by Brian Cook Williamson's Wonders by Richard Kaufman Horwitz Wallet Improved by Basil Horwitz Mighty Mini - Light Heavy Chest Limited Edition by Gimpy's Magic Sweet Treats Wonder by Don Potts Mummy Mystery (Vintage from Japan) Chinese Sticks by George Millward, Nielsen Magic Lassen Okito Box by Todd Lassen Practical Sorcery by Alan Shaxon Auto Race by Theo Timmerman Mental Dice by Tora Magic Company Production Pad by Dean Dill Magic Wand Lighter by El Duco's Magic Approaching Magic by David Regal Any Card Called For (Loomis) by Dennis Loomis Perfect Time III Combo (Standard Size)  by Collectors' Workshop Red, Blue Perfect Prediction Dice and Clear Prediction Ladder by Kreis Magic Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic, The by Martin Gardner Dice Cup - Wood by Joe Porper Folding Casino Chip by Joe Porper Silver Dollar and Brass Washer by Mel Babcock Ribbon Ruse by 3D Magic Works 21st Century Fire Bowl by Morrissey Magic Ltd. Illustrated Book of Magic Tricks, The by Will Dexter Lit DVD + Cards by Dan White, Dan Hauss TV Card Frame Deluxe by Kraftsman Adinkra Necklace by Magic Wagon The Gift (Black) by Angelo Carbone TimeTrix by Bazar de Magia Wonderful Wallet by Howard Schwarzman Body Language by Charles Gauci Split Die Box by Sunil Batra Mystery of The Pyramids Outdone by Wellington Enterprises Kovari Ultimate Chinese Sticks by Kovari, Jay Leslie Truth by Paul Richards Little Box (Blue) by Clarence Miller Die Tunnel (Mini) by Mel Babcock Haunted Bottle - Natural by Viking Mfg. Conversations with Mind Readers by Ben Cummings Multi-Dimensional - Deluxe Kit by Craig Filicetti Magic Pizza Box by Smoky Mountain Magic Magic by Miller by Donald Croucher Mystic Mummy, The by Richard Gerlitz Mental Dice by LabcoMagic Isolated Gold by El Duco's Magic Magic Dice Set by LabcoMagic MD Mini by Craig Filicetti Strange Travelers by Paul Harris, David Blaine Spikes Thru Balloon by Mak Magic Encyclopedia Production Box by Mikame Craft Strong Box Escape by Cannon's Great Escapes Chinese Bit by Joe Riding, Sylvio Dokov The Gift (Gold Limited Edition) by Angelo Carbone Multiplying Bottles by Magia Magicus Perspex Prediction by Mak Magic Cocktail Surprise by Joe Porper, Pete Biro Ahead of The Pack by Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Micro Hip Hop Hares by Wolf's Magic Extreme Burn Locked & Loaded by Richard Sanders The Gift (Red Limited Edition) by Angelo Carbone Another Book by Karrell Fox Illuminati by Larry Becker, Lee Earle Lassen Ramsay Stack by Todd Lassen Anything Goes Memo Pad by Larry Becker Little Box (Teal) by Clarence Miller Matchbox Penetration by Viking Mfg. Yin and Yang Cabinet by Clarence Miller Silver Special by Roy Johnson Pop Dice by Magic Wagon Monkey In The Middle by Bill Goldman Fiedler Foolers by Limited Edition Magic Back of Tora Rubik Cube by Tora Magic Company Strong Box by Joe Porper Eight Card Brainwave by Nick Trost Osterlind Trilogy by Richard Osterlind Astro Ball Cabinet by Dave Powell E.S.P. LabcoMagic by LabcoMagic Transfer of Clock by Tora Magic Company Silver Odyssey by Collectors' Workshop Mini Guillotine by Mak Magic Zippo Card Lighters by Zippo 

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