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Mafia Manicure by Giovanni Livera, John Kaplan

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This is perhaps the most beautiful, well engineered and amazing finger chopper ever created and there are just 250 of them worldwide.  Based upon Micky Hades’ amazing Improved Finger Chopper built by fellow Canadian John Kaplan with permission.

When Giovanni first contacted John about the project John was not sure that Micky’s finger chopper could even be improved. But after Giovanni had discussed the story line he was looking for the project took form. Here is the opening patter:

Effect: Here’s something I picked up at an auction in the windy city, Chicago. It’s an antique executive cigar cutter. This particular cutter has a special mystique … it belonged to the famous mobster, Al Capone. He received it as a gift from some close friends. It came with a card that said: ‘Happy Birthday Al – from all the boys at precinct 14.’

Capone had a business ritual.  Anytime he would strike a deal with a new partner,  Al would offer them a fine Cuban cigar. Together, Al and his new partner would each place their cigar in the cutter, cut the ends and smoke to a good deal. But this cutter has a darker side … if you were a member of Al’s gang and you betrayed him, he would give you what was known as a MAFIA MANICURE! That’s right, he would cut off your finger.

As one of America’s premier corporate entertainers, Giovanni knows how to create compelling, reputation-making magic and he’s come up with what is arguably the best finger chopper presentation in decades … a wonderfully clever plot that is loaded with great lines, makes perfect sense and most importantly, is both topical … and timeless. This brilliantly constructed routine does much more than breathe new life into a classic of magic. As one of a select group, you’ll take pride in performing with an exclusive piece of apparatus and appreciate the investment value offered by this limited-run collector’s edition.

Standing in an engraved base, each unit features a polished stainless steel blade and is painstakingly crafted from fine hardwoods which is then lovingly oiled with a rich cherry stain and hand rubbed to a luxurious satin finish. Mafia Manicure also comes with a velvet drawstring bag, complete Giovanni Livera routine included with the original Micky Hades Improved Finger Chopper instructions and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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Approx. Price: $200.00 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for Mafia Manicure by Giovanni Livera, John Kaplan

  1. Andy Martin

    The finest Finger Chopper out there!

    This is certainly the best finger chopper I have seen – based on the Hades model, but much better quality and really looks like something that could chop your finger off!

    The method is so convincing too and everything can be examined before and after. You really will have them fooled and holding their finger after this one!

  2. Anonymous

    Best Finger Chopper Ever Made

    Incredible quality woodwork…excellent gimmick that is practically impossible to find even with close examination. The storyline and patter provided with the illusion is fantastic and the chopper really looks like a double cigar chopper that could take a finger right off. These are VERY hard to find–only 250 were made. So I consider myself extremely fortunate to have one in my collection. If you have an opportunity to acquire this incredible prop, do not let it pass by because you may never see one for sale again.

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