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Key-R-Rect by Carl Wolf

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This was invented by Carl Wolf and it is an an improvement to Carl’s earlier effect Lock of Gilbraltar c. 1958.

Effect: You remove five keys from your key case. One is handed to each of five spectators. A colored ribbon is tied to one key as a marker. You display a box. It may be nothing more elaborate than one that formerly contained candy. It is of the type where the sides of the lid are as deep as the sides of the box. There are holes through the sides of the box and lid. One leg of the bow of a padlock goes through these holes. It is locked. The spectators try their keys. Only the ribbon marked key will open the lock. After each failure, the first four spectators drop their keys in the box through a slot in the top. When the fifth spectator succeeds, the lock is removed and snapped shut through a button-hole of his coat. The lid is discarded.

The box itself is used like a tray. The fifth key is added to the other four, after the identifying ribbon has been removed. The keys are mixed and each spectator removes one and holds it concealed in his hand. Selections are made while your back is turned. A fter holding the lock for a moment to the back of each spectator’s hand, you announce who is concealing the key that will open the lock.

A test proves that you are correct.

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1 review for Key-R-Rect by Carl Wolf

  1. Amazing Corbin

    Wonderful well made mental magic

    I own a small collection of trick locks, they are some of my favorite effects. The Keyrrect is one of my favorites (along with the Hemmingway lock) This effect involves a padlock and 7 keys. You have a spectator try six keys in the lock and none work, then you give him the seventh and it opens the padlock. Have him close the lock, mix the keys and in any way you like to reveal it you pick the key that opens the lock.

    With Keyrrect after you identify the proper key (you don’t have to touch it or look at it) you may have the spectator open the padlock themselves.

    For the sake of comparison with the Hemmingway lock, the performer is the only one who can use the key to open the lock.

    The key to this effect is ensuring that the audience realizes all the keys were checked and only one opens the lock. It’s nice that the performer NEVER has to touch the keys at all. I’ve had alot of fun with this and usually have the spectator who checks the keys insert his wallet in a steel lock box then padlock it shut. When a key is eliminated it gets dropped in a slot in the box. It’s a great way to build suspense and get rid of the keys before the end.

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