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Wizzy Dizzy Milk by Wellington Enterprises, Ken Bowell

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This effect was invented by Ken Bowell and released in England by Supreme Magic Company c. 1957 and later (under license from Supreme) in the United States by Abbott’s c. 1958.

Wellington’s deluxe version of this effect features a larger glass and a box that is much closer in size to the dimensions of the glass. The box features a more deceptive design and allows for adjustment to individual glasses and the quality of this version can’t be beat.

Effect: The magician picks up a box, opens its top door and proceeds to pour in some milk from a pitcher. As he is pouring, a bottom door swings open. Confused, the magician closes all the doors, turns the box end for end and opens the door now on top. Again he proceeds to pour in milk from the pitcher. Again the bottom door opens and this whole procedure is repeated several times. Finally, the magician opens the top door, reaches in and pulls out a glass full of milk. The glass is then covered with a tube. Immediately, the tube is shown empty. The glass of milk has vanished. Next the magician goes back to the box, turns it upside down, opens the door and removes the glass full of liquid.

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1 review for Wizzy Dizzy Milk by Wellington Enterprises, Ken Bowell

  1. Andy Martin

    Another Wellington Marvel

    I can’t think of any item that comes from Wellington that is not amazing. This is one of the sleepers that seem to come up very rarely. I was on a list forever for this and was unable to get one directly from Bill. Finally I tracked one down from a private seller and I was very happy I did.

    It is a very convincing illusion and all of the kinks of the previous methods have been ironed out – as is a trademark of Wellington.

    Highly Recommended for performers who want to amaze.

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