Scarne’s Tricks by John Scarne

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Details: This is a compilation of two of John Scarne’s books.

Scarne on Card Tricks:

Contents: Each trick is numbered. The first number below is the page number, the 2nd is the trick number.

1 Publisher’s Introduction
3 A New Era In Card Tricks, John Scarne, 1950
7 1) Calling the Cards: Spectator points to face down cards spread on the table while magician calls out their names. At the end, the list is compared to the pointed cards, and they are all correct.
9 2) Aces From the Pocket: Magician removes 4 Aces from a shuffled deck placed in the pocket
9 3) The Upside Down Deck (Francis Carlyle)*: Performer and Magician each select cards from their halves, exchange them and insert them into the deck. Some cards are reversed. Deck rights itself except for the two selections.
11 4) Traveling Aces (Charlie Nagle): 4 Ace Assembly
13 5) Dunninger’s Mental Card Trick (Joseph Dunninger): a card is divined in a small crystal ball
15 6) Behind the Back Card Trick (Carmine Laino)*: A card is selected and returned to the deck behind the performer’s back. He is able to look through the deck and find the selected card
16 7) Scarne’s Predicto*: Magician predicts which two cards a business card was placed between
18 8) The Four Royal Flushes: a simple poker deal
19 9) Egg A La Card (Paul Clive): A hard boiled egg is peeled and reveals the name of a selected card
20 10) The Turn Around Cards: Magician can tell which card of 8 has been turned end-for-end
21 11) It’s A Natural (Martin Gardner/Bill Simon): The number of matches removed by a spectator indicates one of 7 cards, which matches a prediction by the magician
23 12) The Talking Card (Al Altman): Spectator shifts a row of 10 face down cards by moving a number of cards from the right end to the left end. Magician will turn over one card, which indicates the number of cards moved. This can be repeated.
25 13) You Do As I Do: 2 Deck version. Magician and spectator each shuffle deck, select card, place it back in deck, and exchange decks. Each looks through deck and removes selected card, and they match.
27 14) You Do As I Do*: 1 Deck version (Al Baker/Dr. Ben Braude). As above, but each using 1/2 the deck. May not work quite as nicely if a “matching card”, say the 2 of Spades to match 2 of Clubs, is not in the right half of the deck.
29 15) Heath’s Master Speller (Royal Heath): Spelling the selected card repeatedly results in sequence (stack)
31 16) Cardini’s Mind Reading Card Trick (Cardini): Spectator spells to the selected card (dup)
34 17) Sensitive Fingertips (Bob Hummer): A stack of face up and face down cards are righted behind the back
36 18) Separating Red and Black Cards: As above, but red and blacks separated
37 19) Sympathetic Aces: Four spectators pic a number between 10-20 and counted cards are all Aces
39 20) The Four Aces*: A simple 4 card location
40 21) The Wizard (Steffi Storm): The wizard on the phone declares a selected card
41 22) Reverso*: Two selections appear face up in the deck
43 23) The Dean’s Poker Deal: A simple poker hand using only 10 cards; performer always has winning hand
44 24) The Memory Test (Charles Jordon): 1 card removed from 1/2 deck; performer looks through and names the card
45 25) Spectators’ Magic Count*: Spectator counts to magician’s selected card after 1 failure
47 26) Topsy-Turvy Deck (Bob Hummer): 2 halves of deck get equal face up/face down cards
48 27) Finding A Selected Card: 2 spectators choose cards, swap into 1/2 deck; magician finds both cards
49 28) Thought Control (Howard Wurst): Performer predicts which paper of 10 spectator is holding. He counts down the number to the selection
51 29) Magic In Your Own Hands (Cliff Green): Spectator finds his own card
53 30) Mathematical Finder: Another counting to selection
54 31) Swimmers: Spectator cuts to the Aces, then the Kings
56 32) The Weigle Aces (Oscar Weigle): Another version of the Spectator finds the Aces
57 33) The Mathematical Card Trick (Dr. Jacob Daly)*: Two selections are found simultaneously (no prep needed)
60 34) Nomenclature (Joseph Dunninger)*: Three names spelled revealed the selected card (no prep needed)
61 35) Hands-Off Miracle (Joseph Barnett): Performer cuts instantly to spectator’s selection (salt)
63 36) The Photographic Match (Russell Swan): The name of a selected card appears on the head of a burnt match (stack)
65 37) Perplexity (George Delaney)*: Selection placed face up in deck appears face down between 2 face up Aces
66 38) The Initials Will Tell (multiple): Initials of selection appear on spectator’s hand 
69 39) Double Duty: Magician selects a card equal in value to the number of cards the spectator places on the deck
70 40) The Love Birds*: Magician & Spectator each select card from 1/2 deck and return to top. Cards are cut and the selections appear together! (simple)
71 41) Hit The Deck: Spectator slaps deck and all cards fall except for the selection
73 42) The Betting Card Trick*: Magician bets next card turned over is selection; since the card was passed, the spectator takes the bet but loses!
74 43) The Card That Tells (Jack Spalding): Using cards, performer correctly predicts the number of cards the spectator has in his pocket (stack)
75 44) Mind Control (Max Holden): Spectator counts the cards to get his selection, the magician finds it in the deck
77 45) The Whispering Card (Ladson Butler): Magician finds 3 cards with the help of a “whispering” card
79 46) The Stubborn Card (Bob Hummer): A selection is made from a face up/down deck and ends up the only face up card
81 47) Color Scheme (Oscar Weigle): Spectator repeatedly cuts a deck under the table and ends up with reds face up, blacks face down
83 48) Magic Numbers (Clayton Rawson): Cards are dealt in 2 rows and added, magician can determine the total
85 49) The Acrobatic Card (Larry Klunck)*: The deck is dropped and the selection turns itself over
87 50) Flighty Aces (Lu-Brent): Four Aces are dealt face up with 3 cards face down on top of each. Spectator takes one Ace packet, the magician the rest. Spec ends up with all 4 Aces (uses extras plus switch)
89 51) Braude’s Mental Card Trick (Dr. Ben Braude)*: An interesting key card selection
91 52) The Magic Number Trick (Jack Miller): Spectator does some math, picks 4 cards based on results. She keeps 1 of the 4, and the magician knows which of the 4 she chose
92 53) Instanto (Cliff Green): Self-working revelation: pulls selection from spectator’s pocket
94 54) Switcheroo (Walter Gibson): Magician counts to two selections
95 55) Quadruple Coincidence (George Starke)*: A “you do as I do” with four coincidences
98 56) The New Deal Poker Hand (Dr. Al Berndt/Peter Musto): A poker hand trick using a brand new deck (stacked)
99 57) Houdini’s Double-Talk Card Trick: Selections from multiple spectators are placed in a grid. Spectators name rows, magicians points to selected cards
102 58) Locatrix (Ted Anneman): A quick card revelation: either top cards or face up in deck
103 59) Double Prediction (Bill Simon)*: A business card has a prediction written on it and is found between the two cards predicted
105 60) Card Counting Extraordinary (Bob Dunn): Spectator cuts the deck, magician ‘weighs’ it and tells how many cards in the packet (stacked)
107 61) Double Surprise (Bill Simon)*: Magician finds selection face up in deck after one failed attempt
108 62) The Stapled Card (Joseph Prieto)*: Magician finds selection with the help of a stapled locator card, and the selection ends up being one of the stapled cards!
112 63) Allerchrist Card Trick (Bert Allerton/Henry Christ): Self-working; can be performed over the phone 
114 64) The Triple Deal Card Trick (H.C. Cleaveland): After spectator identifies which packet contains his card (3 times), magician removes the cards from his pocket, counts the total, and finds the selection
117 65) The Spelling Bee*: Thirteen spades are removed. Each card is spelled (A-C-E) and reveals that card; Even when one is spelled wrong
119 66) Double Revelation: Magician finds the selection and predicts the number of cards in the spectator’s pocket
121 67) Walsh’s Long Distance Card Trick (Audley Walsh): A mathematical card trick that can be done over the phone
122 68) Scarne’s Drunken Poker Deal*: A cleverly stacked poker hand
126 69) Perfect Prediction (Chester Morris): Magician predicts which card will be dealt (self-working)
127 70) The Puzzler (Bob Short): Packs totaling “12” are dealt and magician predicts the number of pips
129 71) Selected Card Vanishes Into Pocket (Johnny Albenice): Card to pocket with a slightly risky move
130 72) James’s Miracle (Stewart James)*: Sympathetic cards ending with a kicker!
132 73) The Obedient Cards (Nat Bernstein/Morty Zuckert): 2nd spectator locates 1st spectator’s card (simple, impromptu)
133 74) The Traveling Card (Jack Miller)*: A selected card “rises” through the pack and magician states how far down it can be found
135 75) Personification (Oscar Weigle)*: Spectator spells his or her name to the selected card
136 76) My Lucky Card (Bill Simon)*: A ‘lucky card’ is found between 2 others that define its value and suit
138 77) The Poker-Face Card Trick: As cards are dealt 1 by 1, spectator lies about which one is his, but magician detects it (uses a simple peek)
140 78) Winning Poker (Louis Zingone): Magician’s hand wins twice after a portion of the deck is thoroughly shuffled
141 79) Scarne’s Follow the Leader (with Dr. Alan Barnett)*: Two packets of six cards shown as red and black. Red and Black are switched, and the packets change colors, too
143 80) The Great Poker Demonstration*: Sensational but somewhat lengthy poker demo
146 81) Up and Down (Dai Vernon)*: 2 indicator cards predict the position of selections lost in the deck
148 82) The Magic Four-Spot (Paul Morris/P.C. Sorcar): Mathematical trick; the result equals the value of the card
150 83) Garcia’s Card Location (Frank Garcia): How to create a clever 1-way deck
151 84) Breath Control (multiple): Selected cards are located apparently by the spectator’s “breath marks”
153 85) Vernon’s Three Card Assembly (Dai Vernon): A packet of three same value cards are mixed with others yet mysteriously re-assemble together
155 86) Scarne’s Twenty-Two Stop Trick: Magician takes cards 1 by 1 from pocket until 22 is reached, and reveals the selection
157 87) Jack Goes to Town*: Cute story using the whole deck. Needs to be modified to change “48 States” to the current 50!
161 88) Lyle’s Four Of A Kind (Art Lyle)*: Magician ends up dealing 3 matching cards to the selected card
163 89) Cardini’s Color Discernment (Cardini): Magician correctly determines how many red he has and how many blacks the spectator has, three times (mathematical)
166 90) Miraskill (Stewart James): Magician predicts differences in the number of cards in 2 piles (3 times)
168 91) Lorayne’s Mind Reading Card Trick (Harry Lorayne)*: Simple but effective location
170 92) The Quickie Card Trick (Milton Berle): Magician correctly determines the number of cards in a deck
172 93) Scarne’s Birds of a Feather: You Do As I Do, both pick same card
174 94) Five Nine King (Martin Gardner): Spectator finds same card on 3 packets all match a previously selected card
177 95) The Eight Ace Routine (multiple): Five effects with a packet of Aces
180 96) Scarne’s Lie Speller: Clever spelling location – spectator can either lie or tell the truth!
182 97) Scarne’s Tappit: Selection is found by the tapping of a pencil
185 98) The Piano Card Trick*: An even pile becomes odd (self-working)
187 99) Cross Suits*: Two red cards move from top to face up in the middle and back to the top
189 100) The Card On The Wall: Using a partial stack
191 101) Variation on Card On The Wall (Melbourne Christopher): No tack needed in this version
192 102) Scarne’s Red and Black Speller (Dell O’Dell): Red and Black spelling, self-working
193 103) Scarne, Please Help Me (Joseph Linman): Clever speller fails once, then succeeds
195 104) Carlyle’s Migrating Decks (Francis Carlyle)*: Red and Blue decks change places except for the four spectator’s cards
198 105) Buckle Up: Performer finds the only face up card, by feel alone (really!)
200 106) Double Empathy: Spectator and performer find each others cards
203 107) Scarne’s Six-Way Baffler: Magician correctly determines the number of cards held by 2 spectators and how many red and blacks
207 108) Variation on Six-Way Baffler (George Kaplan): simpler variation of the above
208 109) Dice Will Tell (Howard Thurstan/Oscar Weigle): The roll of 2 die determines the location of spectator’s card (self-working)
209 110) Affinity In Numbers: Mathematical trick arrives at two selected cards
211 111) Gardner’s Sympathetic Cards (Martin Gardner)*: Magician’s and Spectator’s cards are matched by the top cards in packets
213 112) The Last Two Cards*: Cards are eliminated until only 2 remain – the selections
215 113) Three-In-One Card Trick (Warren Wiersbe): Magician selects same 2 cards as two spectators, then spectator and magician select same 2 random cards (all revealed at the end)
218 114) The Drunk Plays Bridge (Howard P. Albright/U.F. Grant): How to conclude a night of Bridge! (uses 1-way deck)
220 115) Scarne’s Phone Miracle*: Another telephone card trick (good! Performer must be alone)
222 116) Scarne’s Knockout Card Trick*: Spectator turns cards face up and down, burying the selection. At the end, the only face up card is the selection
225 117) The Stopper Mind Reading Trick (Charles W. Nyquist/Edward Dart): As spectator deals cards to the table, magician yells STOP at the selected card
227 118) Cardology – Or, A Card Trick Without Cards (Blackstone): No cards needed -a thought of card found through mathematics
228 119) Card on the Ceiling: A no sleight method requiring a hidden duplicate deck
231 120) Variation on Card on the Ceiling: A bold variation where the card is guaranteed to stick!
232 121) Leipzig’s Pocket Card Trick (Nate Leipzig): Performer finds spectator’s selection and states how many cards are left in spectator’s pocket (salt)
234 122) Thurston’s Card Mystery (Howard Thurston): Magician determines how many cards are left in a row (quick, self-working)
235 123) Scarne’s Miracle Card-Finder Trick: Last card dealt by the spectator is the magician’s selection
237 124) The Spirit Card Trick*: Version of Trick #35 but with “Spirit World” patter
239 125) Double Location (John J. Crimmins, Jr.)*: Magician accidentally drops all but two cards – the selections
241 126) Ribbon Spread (Chet Miller): Spectator and Magician randomly remove cards one at a time, magician states what card is missing from the deck
242 127) The Odd Will (Bruce Elliot)*: Story trick about cows (self-working with small stack)
244 128) The Uninvited Joker (George Karger)*: Cute speller – whenever a card is spelled wrong, a joker appears
247 129) The Impossible Location (Martin Gardner): Deck cut into thirds, each packet shuffled and reassembled, magician finds selection
248 130) The Complementary Cards (Nate Leipzig): Spectator names a card and magician pull from his pocket one or more cards that represent the value of the named card
249 131) Behind My Back (Bert Feinson): Magician finds selected card behind his back (somewhat mathematical)
251 132) Si Stebbins’ Master Memory Test (Si Stebbins/Scarne): Magician names every card in the deck plus its positions (a Si Stebbins Stack)
255 133) Si Stebbins’ Master Tricks: Another effect using the above
257 134) The Mishap Poker Deal*: Bottom deal gives 4 Aces, but a top deal gives a Royal Flush!
258 135) The Twenty-One Card Spelling Trick (Martin Sunshine): An almost self-working speller
260 136) The Future Deck (Jack Vosburgh)*: A gimmick deck you can make allows magician’s written prediction on a card to match a spectator’s selection (can’t be examined, though)
262 137) Leipzig’s Sympathetic Cards (Nate Leipzig): Magician selects identical cards from two decks under a handkerchief
263 138) Thought Ablaze (Charles Roe): Ashes on the arm reveal the selected card (ashes)
265 139) Add Lib (Oscar Weigle)*: A simple mathematical location
266 140) Seeing Through the Deck (multiple)*: Magician names two cards and their position in the deck (twice)
268 141) General Arnold’s Master Speller: Every card in the deck is spelled (stack)
270 142) The Psychic Number Seven: An over the phone mystery (accomplice)
272 143) On the Square (Eddie Joseph): Magician determines the number of cards held by a spectator (mathematical)
275 144) Scarne’s Sympathetic Card Trick: Magician and spectator both arrive at the same card in two decks (semi-stack and memory)
278 145) The Second-Guess Card Trick (Paul Rosini/W.F. Steele): Magician finds the spectator’s card after a failure
280 146) The Atomic Location (Audley Walsh/Al Baker)*: Clever method to find a selection apparently lost in the deck
281 147) Scarne’s Power of Thought: Magician predicts which card the “captain” of a team of 5 spectators will choose
284 148) The Card Through A Handkerchief: Selected card through handkerchief
287 149) The Card In the Wallet: Using a extra, hidden deck
289 150) The Card Clock: Spectator removes cards from a “card clock”, the last one is the selection
291 151) Automatic Pencil Writing: Crumpled paper with a pencil point in it “writes” the selection
293 152) The Four Deuces: Spectator and Magician both get face up deuces in their decks
295 153) Wild Bill Hickock’s Hand (Henry Christ): A poker deal/spelling card trick
298 154) Einstein And the Magician (Warner Perry): Einstein suggest a mathematical formula to arrive at a selected card
301 155) Scarne’s Color Control: Spectator correctly separates the reds and blacks in this Oil and Water variation

Scarne on Magic Tricks:


6 Foreword: John Scarne, Fairview, NJ, 1951. 
9 The Talking Mirror: magician can determine which dot was covered with a coin
9 Coin Through Handkerchief: a coin penetrates a handkerchief
11 Smoking Sleeve: Smoke blown into one sleeve comes out the other!
12 Predicto: Date of Birth, date of personal event, historical date, and additional number are added and magician predicts the result (accomplice)
13 Ring on the String: a ring is looped on a string under a handkerchief although the string ends are in view up to the end
14 The Magical Shirt: Magician removes his shirt even though his hands are tied
15 Chalk Penetration: a chalk mark is made on a table and penetrates it to the hand below
17 The Magic Calendar: Magician determines the total of dates marked on a calendar
19 Name, Please!: magician determines the total of a sum, and the numbers spell the name of the assistant!
20 Cigarette From Nowhere: with a box of matches
21 Find the Pellet: a sort of three shell game with small boxes and a metal pellet. The box with the pellet cannot be found.
23 Is He Alive?: Living and Dead mentalist test
23 The Rope and Bracelet: Although his hands are tied, the magician is able to place a bracelet on the rope joining his hands
24 Key on a String: Magician removes a key from a string even though the ends are held by a spectator
25 The Magic Toothpick: a toothpick makes a cigarette roll on the table, and makes another toothpick jump
27 Releaso: a rope is looped between the magician’s hands, which are tied with a handkerchief. Instantly the magician is free from the rope
28 Color By Sense of Touch: Magician can tell the color of a washer type disc placed behind his back
30 Swallowing a Goldfish: a gag
31 Extrasensory Perception: Magician is able to tell which object is being thought of by a spectator
32 The Magnetized Knife: a knife seems to cling to the magician’s hands
33 Houdini Escape Trick: a red card transposes with a green card
35 Solid Through Solid: a safety pin is pulled through another safety pin
36 The Rising Cigarette: a cigarette magically rises from the pack
37 The Flame Prediction: Cards are shown with a color in the corner. Spectator burns the corner of one card and hides the others. Magician determines which color was burnt
39 The Disappearing Coin: through pant leg
39 Initial In Fire: Initial of spectator’s last name appears in the burnt-out match head
40 Sensitive Fingers: Several bills are placed in the hat, and the magician can pull out just the one whose serial number was noted earlier
41 The Liquid Tells: Performer can tell what color liquid is in a glass placed behind his back
42 Drinking Smoke: smoke is poured from glass to glass, then drank, then the glass is inverted over a saucer and more smoke appears
43 Lightning Addition: magician beats the spectator in an adding lesson
44 The Spiritual Glass: Glass through table top
45 Crossed Digit: digits are eliminated and the magician can tell which one is left
46 The Tricky Spoon: a bending spoon illusion
47 The Talking Cards: magician can tell who wrote something on each of ten cards
48 Scarne’s Bank Night: only the magician finds the ten dollar bill
52 The Knotted Coin: a vanished coin is found in the center of a knotted handkerchief
53 It’s In the Ashes: a spectator’s name appears on the arm of the magician when rubbed with ashes
54 The United Shreds: torn and restored cigarette paper
55 Three to One: two pennies in each hand; when turned over, there are three pennies in one hand, only one in the other
56 The Dollar that Wouldn’t Burn: burnt and restored dollar bill (uses an envelope)
58 Divination of Age: using a mathematical principle
58 Tricks With Sugar: sugar through table, initials transfer from sugar cube to spectator’s hand
60 The Reappearing Match Heads: two in the hand, one in the pocket with match heads
62 Magic Dates and Days: mathematical stunt with a calendar
63 The Six-Cent Trick: Magician using math can tell which hand has the penny and which the nickel
64 The Famous Penny: also known as the Sheep and the Thieves. Pennys are alternately picked up hand by hand, but at the end, each hand does not have an equal number
66 Mathematics Plus: more mathematical mentalism
66 Cut and Tied: quick cut and restored string
67 Two Minus Two Equals Two: Fifteen coins in a hat, two removed and vanished, still fifteen coins in the hat
69 Up In Flames: using a coin fold
70 The Knife That Doesn’t Cut: knife penetrates handkerchief and paper, yet handkerchief is unharmed
72 Stringing a Ring: nice cut and restored string with the aid of a finger ring
73 Change for a Five-Dollar Bill: a one dollar bill in one hand transposes with a five dollar bill in the other
74 Ghost Match: a match is torn from a matchbook and mysteriously re-appears
76 A Life-Saving Dollar: a bill is vanished and found in a roll of Life-Savers candies
77 Mind Over Matter: a stunt with human weight and balance
78 The Coin Vanishes: from a handkerchief
79 The Cut Up Tie: a tie is cut up and with a pass is restored
80 In Your Hat: liquid is poured into a hat, but all is okay
82 The Animated Match Box: a matchbox rises on the hand
83 Magnetic Hands: a coin is balanced at the fingertips
84 Scarne’s Cellophane Tear: Cigar Cellophane from a cigar is torn in half. Magician can tear his half further, spectator cannot
85 Dry Water: Magician gets a coin from water without his hand getting wet
85 Multiplying Dimes: a dime is rubbed along a table and the performer ends up with two more!
86 Scarne’s Coin Vanish: elbow rub
87 Time Machine: performer knows day of week of any date in history
88 Through Stick and Pin: matchstick penetrates the bar of a safety pin
88 Cross Your Palm: one line on the back of the hand and one line on the palm of the hand turns into a cross on the palm of the hand
89 Telepathic Coins: Magician can determine which of several coins was touched by a spectator
90 Breaking a Pencil With a Dollar Bill: physical stunt
91 Replacing a Button Without a Needle: a button is torn of the spectator’s vest but instantly restored
92 Spots Before the Eyes: a paddle trick with a butter knife
93 The Match Box Coin Vanish: coin vanishes from a match box
94 Scarne’s Think of a Number: a number on a card is thought of, magician taps until a certain point, ending on the thought of number
95 When a Break is Not a Break: a match is broken a restored under a handkerchief
96 Disobeying Gravity: a knife seems to cling to the magician’s hand
97 A Cigarette Production: from the elbow
97 The Famous Belt Trick: a carnival game similar to Loopy Loop, but with a belt. Spectator can’t catch the loop
98 Houdini’s Coin Vanish: an impossible coin vanish using an accomplice
99 Strip Tease: a torn and restored paper with a message on it
100 Ring Levitation: a finger ring rises along a wand
101 A Drink on the House: Water or Wine is poured from a pitcher by command
102 A Cigarette Changes to a Dollar Bill: a cigarette is soaked in water and turns into a dollar bill
103 Stick Through Hat: a wand penetrates a soft hat
104 Classical Rope Trick: a cut and restored rope
105 Spin the Coin: magician can tell if spun coin lands heads or tails by hearing alone
106 Roll Your Own: an imaginary cigarette turns real
107 Vest Through Coat: vest is removed while wearing a coat
108 Animated Cigar Band: jumps from finger to finger
109 Salivary Repair: a cut string is restored in the mouth
110 The Unstickable Pin: a physical challenge – pounding a pin into the surface with a pound of the hand
111 Flexible Pencil: illusion
111 The Non-Burning Shoelace: burnt and restored shoelace
112 The Match From Nowhere: a dud match is thrown away, and a lit one magically appears
113 Fourth-Dimensional Knot: tying a knot while holding the ends
114 Rope Through The Neck: rope looped around neck is pulled through
115 Cut-Up: String and paper are cut, paper is cut but string is not
116 He Knows Your Number: spectator writes a number on a paper, magician determines the number (accomplice)
117 Color-Changing Shoelace: cleverly gimmicked shoelace
118 Changing Checkers: red stack of checkers changes places with black stack
119 Sleight of Foot: coin moves from left foot to right foot
120 Transposed Colors: red checker changes places with black checker, each in their own match box
120 Dead or Alive?: another living and dead mentalist effect
121 From the Spirit World:  a paper ends up with the name of a named person on it
122 For a Change: performer determines spectator’s age and how much change is in his pocket
122 Finger Waves: performer knows how many fingers are held out by two spectators (one accomplice)
123 Slate Telepathy: performer duplicates spectator’s word and number written on a slate
124 Arithmetical Matches: Spectator puts some matches in his pocket, magician knows how many are in the hand
125 Gravity Defied: a ruler rises in the hand of the magician
127 Watch-it: two numbers on a watch are added, the total is determined by the magician
128 Divination of a Sum: an addition effect using the principle of 9
130 Burning Sugar: magician can set fire to sugar
131 Telephone Mind Reading Experiment: a magazine test you can do with a little preparation
131 The Twice Lit Match: a match is struck and lit twice on a matchbox
132 Knots That Are Not: knots on a string vanish and appear on command
133 Pendulum of Fate: pendulum responds in circle or back and forth
134 Melting Coin: coin is audibly dropped in a glass under a handkerchief, yet vanishes
135 Hopping Rubber Band: from fingers to fingers
136 The Literary Glasses: glasses suspend from a book
137 The Chameleon Handkerchief: color changing handkerchief
139 Impossible Escape: three pills are magically removed from a vial of water without spilling a drop
139 The Traveling Signature: spectator can’t find the paper his signature is on
140 Sour Dollar: Bill to Lemon
142 Obedient Handkerchief: a handkerchief stands up on command
144 The Elusive Marble: marble vanishes from the table and ends up in the performer’s mouth
145 Color Discernment: magician determines which color card is covered
146 Under the Table: magician knows if a matchstick has been marked or not
147 Shirt Off: shirt is removed without taking off jacket
148 The Self-Tying Handkerchief: instant knot appears
149 Magnetic Bottle: can be swung by a string (the old “Prayer Vase”)
150 Mind Reading De Luxe: magician answers the questions written on papers 
151 Pencil and Loop: A puzzle, the spectator can’t remove the pencil and string from his lapel
152 Sympathetic Twins: a banana is cut in half, and a 2nd banana is unpeeled and seen to also be cut in half
153 Hypno-Magnetism: a cane can’t be lifted by a spectator unless the magician wills it
155 Runaway Loop: a rubber band falls from the fingertips without separating them
155 Shifty Number: a six digit number is multiplied by a digit between 1 and 7 and the magician knows the result
157 Coin Through Elbow: while seated
157 Mysterious Dollars: bills are produced from the fingertips after pulling up the sleeves
158 The Ventilated Hand: 7 pennies are held by a spectator, yet one escapes
160 The Money Tie: coin vanish under a handkerchief
161 The Diving Doll: a little doll rises and falls in a bottle (Cartesian Diver)
162 Scarne’s Egyptian Bead Mystery: Beads are dumped into a glass and come out strung
163 Scarne’s Magic Ball of Yarn: a coin is spun on the table, covered with a hat, and turns into a ball of yarn
164 Loop the Loop: Afghan Bands
166 Clipped: Clippo cut and restored newspaper strip
167 Jack’s Beanstalk: a paper tree
168 Paper Tears: a brief explanation
170 The Stretching Finger: illusion
171 Scarne’s Indestructable Handkerchief: pencil is passed through a handkerchief
173 The Magic Birthday Square: magic square constructed from a spectator’s birtdate
175 Under Two Hats: paper balls pass up through the table underneath two hats
176 Scarne’s Fire Trick: magician can “burn” his fingers without harm (physical stunt)
177 Scarne’s Miracle Prediction: a dollar bill serial number and random number mathematical prediction
179 Magical Liquids: water (that the performer drinks), produces multiple other drinks, and finally lemonade or tea that the audience can drink
181 Telepathy Par Excellence : Message written on a paper is determined by magician
182 The Devil’s Handkerchief : utility for vanishing small objects
183 Scarne’s Bean Trick: beans are placed in the ears and the nostril, but come out of the mouth
185 The Turnabout Bill: in turning over a bill it appears upside down
186 Color Separation: magician can pull the properly colored paper from a jar
187 Magazine Mind Reading: magazine test
188 Test of Strength: magician can allow or prevent himself from being lifted (physical stunt)
189 Sitting Tight: preventing a spectator from standing up (physical stunt)
190 Hindu Magic Papers: object wrapped in papers vanishes when they are opened again
192 Ashes of the Phoenix: a flashy burnt and restored paper
193 Miracle Slate: the total of four numbers is predicted
195 The Flying Glass: glass of water vanishes from under handkerchief and is found in a hat
197 Behind the Napkin Ball: torn and restored paper with “sucker” explanation
198 The Vanishing Fountain Pen: instant vanish
200 The Uncrushable Glass: glass penetrates the table under the tablecloth
201 The Melting Half Dollar: half is dropped into a glass where it vanishes
202 Coin Divination: determine which coin is held by which spectator
203 Magic Key Rings: coins and rings and cardboard squares
205 Roping a Handkerchief: handkerchief penetrates a rope
207 The Astonishing Match: match rises by itself from a matchbox
208 Three Shell Game: provides a brief description of making your own shells from Walnuts, and how it works. Does not provide a whole routine.
210 Blowing a Knot Out of a Handkerchief: vanishing knot
211 Human Magnetism: business or playing cards cling to the hand
213 The Mystic Fortune-Telling Cards: magician is able to answer the spectator’s question without seeing it
216 Hypnotic Rigidity: assistant is hypnotized and lies rigid between chairs, the magician is able to even stand on his middle without problem
218 The Self-Restoring Ribbon: Two ribbons are cut and restored into a single ribbon
220 Serial Reading: reading the serial number of a dollar bill
222 Matchless Matches: match is blown out by blowing down your sleeve, then a lit match is produced and an imaginary thread is used to pull its head off
224 Air Knots: two handkerchiefs knotted together untie in the air
225 Pulse Control: magician can control his pulse
226 Blindfold Cigarette Test: magician can tell which cigarette is smoked by the smell alone
228 Mnemonics: Mnemonics explained briefly, and a simple memory stunt using them is described
230 Match Antics: a matchbook can be balanced, and the magician can tell which of three matchbooks had a match removed
231 Liquid Suspension: bottle is turned upside down without spilling liquid, even though a toothpick can be inserted into the bottle
233 Scarne’s Changing Cigar: a cigar is rolled in a handkerchief and changes into a different brand
236 X-Ray Ropes: 10 foot ropes through body
238 Squash: vanishing a small glass of liquid
239 Smoke Without Fire: smoke from empty clay pipes
240 The Floating Table: a table moves mysteriously as people sit around it
242 Reproducing Sponges: a very simple sponge routine – one multiplies to two and then to three in the spectator’s hand
243 Handkerchief Penetration: two handkerchiefs are tied together and then pulled apart, knots still intact
246 Scarne’s Non-Burning Bill: burned and restored bill from ashes
248 Scarne’s Telepathic Sugar Cubes: magician determines which of four sugar cubes (with symbols on them) was thought of
250 Color-Changing Cube: a die with different colored sides is shown and the colors change
251 Ring Around the Pencil: a finger ring is vanished, then a pencil is thrust through an envelope and ripped from the envelope with the ring around the pencil
252 The Magic Bag: How to make an egg bag and a basic routine provided
255 Scarne’s Names from Nowhere: names on papers are burned, and end up on papers held by another spectator

  • Publisher: Crown Publishers Inc.
  • Pages: 564
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x8″
  • Date: 1950
  • Binding: hardbound

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