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Koornwinder Kar by Dick Koornwinder

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This effect was invented by the Dutch Magician Dick Koornwinder in the 1960’s. It won first prize for Close-up Magic at the National Dutch Convention c. 1971. It was marketed under license by Ken Brook as “Koornwinder Kar” although there is some question as to whether Mr. Koornwinder ever gave Ken manufacturing rights, which becomes important as when Ken sold his business to Paul Stone copies were made by Stevens Magic (who purchased the USA rights from Stone for the Ken Brooke line) and others.  Needless to say this is another unique effect that has been pirated a number of times – the first being by good old Hank Lee with the Wondercar created by R. Good and J. Hill c. 1981 and then by Selecciones Magicas with their Morlas Car or Crystal Car c. 1987. It is true that these newer versions were both clear, but changing the material doesn’t really change the effect. Of course the best effects are always going to be copied, but it would be nice if you’re going to copy an effect anyway at the very least provide a credit to the original.

Effect: The plot is simple: a card is chosen, remembered, then mixed among a small group of cards. These are dealt face down in a row on the table. The car is placed at the end of the row and the spectator is asked to put one finger on top of it, then push the car along – it will stop at one card (giving the spectator an eerie feeling). That card, of course, turns out to be the selection. A true classic!

There is an interesting thread talking about the Kar on the Genii Forum here.

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