Topsy Turvy Chair by Joe Porper

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The Martinka Chairs is one of the most amazing illusions of all time. Master machinist and builder Joe Porper has created a mini version of the classic chair routine.

Effect: Bring out a normal-looking miniature dining room chair. The chair is just ten inches tall. Painted black with nice scroll work and a green fabric seat. Also show a simple square tube, slightly larger than the chair. Show the tube empty (and it is!) Cover the chair with the tube. Show that the chair just fits inside the tube. There is no room for the chair to move around inside. Reach into the tube and remove the chair. Turn the chair upside down and place it back in the tube. When you uncover the chair, it is now right side up! Wow! Cover the chair once again, with the tube. Reach into the tube and remove the chair. It is once again upside down! Back and forth. Always under your control. You can even have the audience shout out Up or Down. The chair will come out the way they wish! At the end, you uncover the chair, show the tube empty once again and take your well deserved round of applause.

Joe Porper’s Topsy Turvy Chair is made to precision tolerances rarely seen in magic manufacturing. Comes with a beautiful wooden carrying box. Routined by FLIP, this is the perfect effect for the discriminating performer or collector that wants something different.

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