Prince Rupert’s Pearls (Exploding Glass Beads) by Viking Mfg.

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Rupert’s Drops have even been described in novels and poetry including The Ballad of Gresham College, published in 1663 so they are not a new idea. George Robinson made them from 1974-2000 and they were a popular choice of bizarrists and mentalists including performers such as Tony Andruzzi (Tom Palmer).

Effect: A jewel of molten glass is displayed. It’s hardness is tested with several blows from a small mallet. Magi/mentalist now uses the audience in an experiment in which their thought waves are used collectively. As the magi focuses their energy on the jewel, it suddenly shatters into millions of particles! The jewel actually EXPLODES from the mental vibrations.

Completely under your control. Easy to do. Included are two dynamite routines. One for the modern day MAGICIAN/ MENTALIST. and one for the ARCANE MAGICIAN.

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