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Card Sword Deluxe II by Murphy’s Magic Supplies

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This is a surprisingly sturdy Card Sword from Murphy’s Magic. Normally, the best swords don’t make their way to Murphy’s but this one was the exception. Not quite as nice as my favorite from El Duco or the one from Julio Lipan, but in the absence of these it makes a close runner up.

Effect: A spectator picks a card from the deck, remembers it and puts it back again. He shuffles the deck and gives it to the magician. You throw the deck up in the air or use a card fountain and thrust the sword among the shower of cards falling down. The spectators can’t believe their eyes when the chosen card is impaled on the sword!

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Approx. Price: $375.00 (2010) ***

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1 review for Card Sword Deluxe II by Murphy’s Magic Supplies

  1. cahyo

    Finest card sword

    This is heavy duty model, thick material and will not easy to dent.
    The scabbard is made from quality real calf leather. Highly recommended.

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