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Sensor Box (Sensitive Box) by Boretti, Future Magic

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Boretti (Erich Hammann) was born in 1948 in Germany and has been practicing magic since he was 12 years old.  He graduated from college in business administration but became a full-time magician in 1973.  In 2014, he was awarded the “Ehren-Magica” for his lifetime achievement’s in magic by the Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland (Magic Circle of Germany).  He has created many effects and his most famous is probably Boretti’s Improved Balloon Penetration*.  

Effect: At last, a blockbuster for the stage magician! Invented by the professional entertainer, Boretti, and honed in countless performances into a jewel of magic. After many years of successful use, Boretti has now finally decided to make this blockbuster available to the public and transfered the manufacturing rights, so we can give this blockbuster, in addition to the brilliant comedy, a perfect handcrafted appearance.

This routine covers all the elements of pure entertainment: visual comedy, interaction and – surprise!

A beautifully decorated box (33cm x 20cm x 18 cm) is presented. The front is closed with a slide, the back open and, on one side, there is a hole through which a hand can pass. The hole is made in such a way, that a helper can indeed reach inside, but cannot see inside!
Now, an object, unknown to the audience and your helper, is placed inside the box. Your helper (let’s say it is a woman) reaches into the box and describes it merely from touching it.

She might say as follows: “The object is soft, it can be compressed, it has some holes, etc. It must, therefore, be a sponge.”
The slide is pulled upwards, so the interior is shown and there is a large and very solid stone! “You have very sensitive fingers!” says the magician, as he shows the box on all sides to be otherwise completely empty. The stone is removed and the front slide replaced.

Now, the effect is repeated. Another object, also unseen by audience and spectator, is placed inside the box. The spectator feels the second object, describes it in detail and decides, “It is a piece of soft, supple rope.”

The box is opened and the audience see…a piece of barbed wire!

These are just examples, but anyone who has performed for an audience will see the huge comic potential.

Now comes a magic sensation! The helper herself chooses another spectator who then thinks of a single playing card and names it to the audience. Please note: there is NOTHING forced. Even if, you have a deck of cards in your hands for the first time, you could complete this trick successfully and with a sensational ending!

The deck of cards is placed inside the box. Of course, you have shown that all the cards are different. Then the spectator is asked to reach into the box and blindly take out a card.

It is the spectator’s freely selected card!

  • There are no other cards in the box.
  • No spectators are ‘primed’; the card is freely selected.
  • A perfect blend of entertainment and magical surprise!

Boretti’s Sensitive Box is unique and has never appeared before on the market.

We provide the beautiful, very decorative box and different routines from Boretti along with extra ideas. In addition, some objects and the cards are included so you can use the prop immediately, but, after reading these instructions, you may wish to develop your own routine.

As a bonus, you will receive a special routine for a children’s performance

In a word, this is a prop for ANY performance!

*Though Boretti did not create the original version of the Balloon Penetration (which I used to perform a lot in my teenager years) – which was invented by T.S. Ransom c. 1954 and was featured in The New Phoenix, July 23rd, 1954. But Boretti makes a significant improvement which makes the effect pretty much foolproof.

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Approx. Price: $224.00 (2013) ***

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2 reviews for Sensor Box (Sensitive Box) by Boretti, Future Magic

  1. Andy Martin

    Entertaining and Clever Method

    When I first watched the video for this I was not sure how it worked at all and really liked the routine. The box is very nicely made and looks great in the parlor or on stage. The method is easy when you know how, but I still think it is clever and a fooler for sure.

    This could be a real hit in your show. Great Comedy and Great Magic!

  2. Bob Meigs

    Misdirection in a Box!

    This is a very versatile utility prop. The basic idea is that a spectator describes an out-of-sight object by touch, but you control the object ultimately revealed. It’s misdirection in a box!
    Opportunities abound for comedy, or to introduce a mentalism routine, a backstory, or a show theme. It comes with several props, but view these as samples. The true value of this effect lies in adapting it to your show.

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