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Royal Fantasy (Regular) by Lubor Fiedler

(c. 1981) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is a really wonderfully clean piece of Jumbo Card Magic. You show the 4 kings one at a time front and back.  Then without any moves you turn all four cards over and they are the 4 tens! There are no flaps or rough and smooth and it is very easy to do.

The Jumbo version is actually easier to handle than this version.  This is a very smooth handling and a very convincing effect. Reset is almost instant too!

Effect: How would you like to perform a visually stunning routine that blew away millions of viewers on national television? Lubor Fiedler’s Royal Fantasy did just that for Harry Anderson and it could do the same to your audience as well.

The magician displays four playing cards, all kings, and places them onto a spectator’s hand. First the king of hearts, then the king of spades, king of clubs and king of diamonds. After each card has been individually placed onto the spectator’s hand, the four kings instantly change into four spot cards of different values!

Apparently the four kings were just a royal fantasy, even though it all happened right before your spectator’s eyes!

  • Perfect for Close-Up performances
  • Ends clean with only four cards
  • Nothing added or taken away
  • No switching

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Approx. Price: $14.95 (2005) ***

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