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Multum in Parvo - Plus (Multum en Parvo) by Mephisto-Huis Picto Transpo by Gene Anderson The Missing Scarab (2015) by Thomas Pohle Coin Fusion (Half Dollar) by Chris Stickland The Oracle's Dream (Traumorakel) by Herbert Martin Paufler Zig Zag Coin (Snakewood) by Mark Teufel Rex Ignis (Advanced version with Remote control) by Paralabs Necklace Prediction by El Duco's Magic Silken Mystery Box by Tony Karpinski Flying Coins and Tray by Mikame Craft New Oriental Table (Harbin Table) by Mikame Craft, Robert Harbin Silken Glass Mystery by Magic Wagon Close-up Card Magic by Harry Lorayne Bread and Watch Box (with Rattle) by Mikame Craft

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