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Tai Ginseng (Headless Magician) by Tony Lackner Super Triple Coin (Double Face) (Eisenhower Dollar) by Johnny Wong, Paul Richards Tricky Bowling Pins by Jay Leslie Micro Water Wheel by Wolf's Magic Lian Chu Goes to the Market by Francois Danis Fairy Tale Rabbit House by Abracadabra Magic Pool Chop Cup by Stephane Bourgoin Black Box by John Kennedy Haunting by Tony Chris, Taylor Imagineering Modern Magic by Professor Hoffmann Driebeck Die by Ken Brooke Osterlind Stainless Steel Blindfold by Richard Osterlind Run Wolf Run by Wolf's Magic Key-R-Rect by Merriss Magic Zig Zag Illusion by GEM Magic Prisoner's Paw by U.F. Grant Heart of Gold by Mikame Craft Books of Wonder: Vol. 1 by Tommy Wonder/Stephen Minch