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Chinese Bit by Eddie Gibson, Ken Brooke, Joe Riding, Sylvio Dokov The Gold Medallion by Al Koran Junior Walking Knot by Pavel The Linking Ropes (Link King Ropes) by E.J. Moore, U.F. Grant, Mental Die  by Anverdi The Ring, The Watch, and The Wallet #1 by Tommy Wonder, Ken Winters The Crystal Prison of Serica (Silkola) by Michael Baker McBride's Candle by Jeff McBride Neo-Magic Artistry by S.H. Sharpe Card-Shark - Heirloom Extension Set by Card-Shark No Camera by Jam Magic Duel by Tim Wisseman, Outlaw Effects 2Wenty1 by J.B. Magic GT Speedreader Marked Deck by USPC 

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