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Coin Easel by VIking Mfg., Haenchen Rattle Box by Viking Mfg., Haenchen Bill Vanishing Tube (Peerless) by Viking Mfg., Brema No-Feke Card Frame by Viking Mfg., Joe Berg Rattle Box by Viking Mfg., Haenchen Quarter Go-Plus by Viking Mfg., Haenchen Marbo-Card Penetration by Viking Mfg., John Snyder, James Swoger Silk Pistol by Magic Hands Crystal Mirror Goblet by Mak Magic Quarter Go by Viking Mfg., Haenchen Ali Baba Junior by Jack Hughes Top Secrets of Magic by J.G. Thompson No-Feke Card Frame (Jumbo) by Viking Mfg., Joe Berg Clearly Predictable by Harrison Carroll 

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