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Rocky Raccoon by Magic Masters

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Magic Masters was a chain of magic shops in the USA founded by Ken Fletcher in 1974 aimed strictly at beginners. By 1992 most of the stores had closed though there was still one in Downtown Disney’s West Side that didn’t close until 2011. One of their big sellers was this adorable Rocky Raccoon and in the hands of the demonstrators you could not find a more realistic little critter.

Today when we think of Rocky Raccoon we often think of the hilarious routine by David Williamson as shown on his great video Sleight of Dave.

But David Williamson saw most of his moves when as a teenager he watched and got to know Jeff Justice. who c. 1981 was getting a name for himself with Rocky Raccoon. And David learned those moves by working as a pitchman selling Rocky at Magic Masters under the talented Dennis Sowers. In Dave’s words: I pitched Rocky over the counter for 2.5 years, that’s when I learned to do Rocky. The more I sold the bigger my paycheck. I was motivated! The original creators of most of the moves you see with Rocky are Dennis Sowers, Jeff Justice and Mike Abston.

As Dave says: The routine I do is basically the Magic Masters pitch with a sprinkling of original stuff on top. The card routine with the spectators that I’ve done on TV is original with me. If you ever get a chance to see Dennis, Mike or Jeff work the raccoon you’ll see that they are the true “Kings of Springs!” But Dennis Sowers he was – and still is – the Best Rocky Handler I’ve seen.

Effect: This life-like spring animal can build a reputation for you in an instant! He eats from your hand, sits up, nods “yes” or “no”, jumps from your hands and even “boogies!” Hes super simple to operate and comes with an illustrated instruction manual that will have you amazing your friends in no time. These adorable life-like “critters” are designed and hand crafted exclusively by Magic Masters. Each one is just a bit different and has its own personality. They come with an illustrated instruction booklet that will have you amazing your friends with their life-like antics in no time.

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1 review for Rocky Raccoon by Magic Masters

  1. Keith Noaker

    Nothing else better.

    I bought this item 20 years ago and it still looks brand new and works perfectly. This is the original and the best.

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