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Magic Switchbox IV by Jaques

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An interesting variation of the Switchbox concept, very different from Wellington’s, by Jaques in Canada based on an original ideal from Paul Bernhardt.

Effect: At the beginning, each bulb of one color is directly facing the switchcap/switch color marker of the same color and each switch lights the corresponding colored bulb. Each of the 4 bulbs (and or) switchcaps/ switches color markers is exchangeable so they can be moved from one position to any other.

The magic trick controlled by the magician is that no matter what the position of the colored bulbs or switchcaps/switches color markers are, the switch fitted with a particular colored cap/switches color markers will always lights the matching colored bulb.

All models (except the Magic SwitchBox 1+) are password protected (this feature can be turned ON or OFF at will) so the magician can leave the audience play with the units. In the lock mode, (if the password is not entered) each switch can only lights its facing colored bulb (even if not the same color).

You can swap 2, 3 or 4 bulbs and all Magic SwitchBox will always keep the bulb color to switchcap/switches color markers)color relation. This is also true for switchcaps/switches color markers swap.

The strength of all models is that they are built around a famous Microcontroller chip making it extremely flexible and programmable so it is almost impossible to understand how it works. Many variables of the trick are stored in “non-volatile memory” and are programmable (including password) and will even be remembered if the batteries are removed. (SE+, Stage and IV models)

A return to factory settings has also been implemented (in case you forgot your password), as well as a personal settings save and retrieve functions to save changes made by the magician to the factory settings. (SE+, Stage and IV models).  No external power is required; it is powered by 4 AA batteries (8 AA batteries StageBox). Upon purchase, the buyer can download the DVD files from Internet so he can begin immediately to learn about its Magic SwitchBox.

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