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Here are just some of the popular Rare Magic, Vintage Magic and New Magic in all shapes and sizes that magicians have been looking at:

Ring Cruncher by Collectors' Workshop, Roy Roth Ring Cruncher by Collectors' Workshop Max Maven's Videomind  - Vols. 1-3 DVD by Max Maven Mental Dice by Marc Antoine Knife Thru Coat by Mikame Craft Card Silk and Blank by P&A Silks The Tie Grinda by Roy Roth TMI Wallet by Larry Becker Clairvoyant Card Duck by Viking Mfg. El Duco's Dice Box by El Duco's Magic Insight Wallet by Larry Becker Ghost Board by Magic Wagon The Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic by Martin Gardner Mini Pool Balls Prediction by Magic Wagon Apocalypse: Vols: 11-15 by Harry Lorayne Haunted Hanky by George Blake, Supreme Magic Company Chained Release 7 by Ted Bogusta

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