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Here are just some of the popular Rare Magic, Vintage Magic and New Magic in all shapes and sizes that magicians have been looking at:

Best In Magic, The by Bruce Elliott Unfathomabill by Max Krause Mandarin Mystery Coin by Gene Castillon, Paul Diamond Unholey! Deluxe Kit. by Max Krause Impromptu Supreme Serial Killer by Innovative Deceptions Tommy Wonder's Rubik's Card Deluxe by Louis Gaynor Acme Portable Hole by John Michael Talbot Production Pad by Dean Dill 13 Steps to Mentalism by Tony Corinda Classic Secrets of Magic by Bruce Elliott Casino Royale by Larry Becker Frozen in Time (High-Tech Version) by Masuda Horwitz Wallet (Improved) by Basil Horwitz Casino Royale by Larry Becker Close Up Table (with drawer) by Daytona Magic Egyptian Open Perceptions by Cesaral 100th Anniversary Die Box by Owen Magic Supreme Magic as a Hobby by Bruce Elliott The Necklace by Max Krause Three Frog Monte by Bob McAllister 13 Steps to Mentalism DVD by Richard Osterlind Chinese Shell Set by Auke Van Dokkum Predator Wallet by R. Paul Wilson Supreme Serial Killer by Max Krause Supreme Slate of Mind by Joe Lefler Mentalist's Dream Box by Max Krause Beggar Coins by Art Franklin, Tony Chaudhuri, Hank Moorehouse Ultimate Mis-Made Bill by Max Krause Mini Card Ladder (#16 of 19) by Chance Wolf Magicomedy by Mike Caveney Emporium Billet Switching Box by Bill Montana Bill Lie Detector by Max Krause Horwitz Wallet by Martin Breese Heirloom Wallet Deluxe by Alakazam Magic 

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