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Here are just some of the popular Rare Magic, Vintage Magic and New Magic in all shapes and sizes that magicians have been looking at:

Al Koran's Professional Presentations by Hugh Miller Light and Heavy Chest Antique Style by Gimpy's Magic Double Wrist Reel by Repro 71 Supersized KFC Coins by Ted Bogusta, Meir Yedid Mini Cube-A-Libre and Bewildering Blocks Combo by Gimpy's Magic Demi Cube by Gimpy's Magic Mighty Mini - Light Heavy Chest Limited Edition by Gimpy's Magic Light and Heavy Chest Deluxe by Gimpy's Magic Mighty Mini - Light Heavy Chest by Gimpy's Magic Hoo's Koin Box by Paul Diamond Ghostly Linking Finger Rings by Joe Porper Light and Heavy Chest Antique Style by Gimpy's Magic Voodoo by Magic Wagon Psychic Chest by Magic Wagon Medallion Box By Steve Cook, Tony Curtis, Magic Wagon Ring Box by Tom Yurasits Gift of Time by Collectors' Workshop Unique Gravity Box by Doug Malloy, Norm Nielsen Dr. Schawartz's Applause Card by Dr. Schwartz Cobra Deck by Dr. Schwartz Scotch and Soda (Eisenhower Dollar) by Tango Magic Sword of the Ring by Magic Wagon, Trickery PVL Brilliant Switch Box by Piet van Luijt Al Koran's Legacy by Hugh Miller Gilbreath Color Magnets by Limited Edition Magic A Dream of Aces by Gary Ouellet Magic Medallion, The by Tannen's Cardtoon 1 by Dan Harlan Zig Zag Illusion by GEM Magic Deluxe Light and Heavy Chest A Pocketfull of Miracles by Hugh Miller Mini Pool Balls Prediction by Magic Wagon Parabox by Tenyo Sweet Treats Wonder by Don Potts Can-Do by Hayakawa Buddha Boston Box PLUS (Eisenhower Dollar) by Omar Ferret Teflon Circles - Half Dollar by Tango Magic Mystery of Three Boxes by Michael Baker Predicta by Gilbert Raimond Card in Ring Box by Tommy Wonder and Auke Van Dokkum Dice Capers by Marvillo Flying Ring by Ron MacMillan/Harry Stanley Mother Goose (Card Picking Goose) by Jack Hughes Cup and Coin (Eisenhower Dollar) by Omar Ferret Thoughts Across by David Solomon Golden Buddha by Magic Wagon Indonesian Prediction Box by Indomagic Land Misled by Timothy Wenk Classical Rising Cards by Dr. Schwartz 

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