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Here are just some of the popular Rare Magic, Vintage Magic and New Magic in all shapes and sizes that magicians have been looking at:

Free Will by Deddy Corbuzier Card Duckling by Collectors' Workshop Badlands Box Dieluxe by Collectors’ Workshop, Magic Wagon, Tony Curtis Challenge of Professor Moriarty, The by Francois Danis Acrobatic Fish by Viking Mfg. Psychokinetic Lock by Tom Yurasits Card Mirage by Ton Onosaka Tiger and Dragon Mystery by Magic Wagon Nemo 1500 by Ken Brooke Mafia Manicure by Giovanni Livera Mini Phantom by Magic Wagon Table Top Hopping Halves by Doug Gorman, Todd Lassen Clairvoyant Card Duck by Viking Mfg. Quiver by Kelvin Chow Ring Box by Tom Yurasits Magic Dice Set by LabcoMagic Victorian Coin Vase by Colin Rose Siamese Ribbon by Alan Warner Sword of the Ring by Magic Wagon, Trickery Expanded Silver Morgan Dollar Shell Set by Auke Van Dokkum MC Card Case by Mikame Craft Magic Dice Set by LabcoMagic Siamese Ribbon by Alan Warner Frame-up by Ton Onosaka Changing Card by Bob Swadling Ghost Ring - Wand Penetration by Louis Gaynor Multi-Square Blendo by Magic Hands A Case For Magic by Tony Griffith Appearing Bird Cage by Merv Taylor Miracle Card Frame by Magic Wagon E.S.P. LabcoMagic by LabcoMagic Gypsy-Made Key Case by Arlen Studio Poker Chip Prediction by Martin's Magic Oriental Block Penetration by Michael Baker Cerberus with DVD by Todd Lassen, David Neighbors Codology (Acrobatic Fish Plus) by Viking Mfg. Okito Voodoo Doll by Bruce Kalver Stuck In Time by Tom Yurasits Twenty Effects for Psychic Entertainers by Bruce Bernstein Saved by Doug Gorman See-Thru Guillotine ATA Case by Wellington Enterprises Tutan’s Tomb by Magic Wagon Card Mirage by Ton Onosaka Monkey In The Middle by Bill Goldman The 19th Hole (Hole in One) by Daytona Magic Exploding Glass Beads (Prince Rupert's Pearls) by Viking Mfg. Zupan Professional Money Maker by Wladimir Magic Mirror - Limited Editions Magic by Howard Schwarzman Demi Cube by Gimpy's Magic