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Ultimate Card Sword by El Duco’s Magic, Dag Johansen, Darnell

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The Card Sword was performed as early as 1842 by Viennese magician Ludwig Döbler in London and c. 1853 by Robert-Houdin (Bart Whaley, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Magic, pg. 166).  This beautiful sword was crafted for El Duco’s Magic by master craftsman Dag Johansen (though on the handle it says Darnell – Norway – #576).

The sword is 100% reliable and very easy to load and handle. You release the card with your thumb. Furthermore, the sword is equipped with a very strong super-elastic. The sword breaks down into two parts for easy transport.

This card sword really looks like a fencing sword! The blade is triangular, which makes it look very thin and foil-like. The length of blade is 70 cm. The design of the handle is something special. The slim-lined hand shield with the built in card holder is made in one piece. Thanks to the clever design the whole sword has a very elegant and slender look. The handle is wrapped in genuine leather, giving you a firm grip – and an exclusive touch as well. The sword is high polished and chromium plated.

This card sword was responsible for my first spontaneous Standing Ovation and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Effect: A spectator picks a card from the deck, remembers it and puts it back again. He shuffles the deck and gives it to the magician. You throw the deck up in the air or use a card fountain and thrust the sword among the shower of cards falling down. The spectators can’t believe their eyes when the chosen card is impaled on the sword!



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Approx. Price: $850.00 (2020) ***

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1 review for Ultimate Card Sword by El Duco’s Magic, Dag Johansen, Darnell

  1. Andy Martin

    My first Standing Ovation!

    This sword is beautiful! It looks like a real sword and if you see the audience reaction on the video clip you’ll know why I love it! Smooth action and very, very impressive to the lay person – particularly when you combine it with a Marcelo Contento Card Fountain – then you have a true miracle.

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