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Pizza To Go by Axtell Expressions

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Effect: The Pizza you bought on the way to the show has vanished from the box! Well, the man claimed he made the world’s fastest pizza to go and he was right….It’s GONE!

But with the help of an assistant from the audience and some “Instant Pizza Mix” you’ll attempt to magically bake another pizza right in the box! After some fun you’ll start to stir the mix with your magic wand but better not….a rabbit might apear in the mix and you don’t want a “hare” in your pizza.

Does anyone have a mixing spoon in the audience? No? Well with the magic words…”Mama Mia”… the wand instantly changes into a mixing spoon!

The fun continues until finally your assistant has indeed baked a magical but…….tiny….silly looking 8″ pizza. We must not have yelled “Mama Mia” loud enough….let’s try it again. Take out the pizza and toss the pizza into the air….and WHAM! The small pizza changes into a Large right before their very eyes!

The Pizza is now too large for the box! Bow and take your applause!

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