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Body Language by Charles Gauci

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Effect: This is Charles Gauci’s improvement on Max Maven’s Kurotsuke. It is one of my favorite effects. because you can perform it close-up, table-hopping, cabaret or on the largest stage. It is also a great impromptu effect. It resets immediately.

Four colored balls and one black ball are placed in a bag. Five spectators in turn reach into the bag and take out one ball each. Nobody knows which color ball they are holding.

One by one the performer eliminates the colored balls and successfully locates the person who is holding the black ball. The performer simply asks them “Are you holding the black ball or a colored ball?” They can lie or tell the truth. By apparently reading the spectators body language, the performer knows the truth! Each spectator holds the bag as they take out a ball. There is no palming. Everything can be examined, balls and bag. The bags are beautifully made from top quality materials and so are the balls. A top professional effect with entertaining patter.


  • Is this suitable for real world conditions? YES. This resets instantly, There are no hard sleight of hand moves or angles to master. The special secret device included does all the hard work for you. Its perfect for walk around magicians or presenting in a stage setting.
  • Can the bag and balls be examined? YES! Everything can be fully examined. We actually recommend that you have the bag taken by each spectator as they reach in and select a ball. That way its totally fair and very mystifying!
  • Does this use electronics which could go wrong, or require constant battery replacements? NO! That’s the real PLUS about Body language. With this type of effect, you need to know it will work 100% every time! The special device that does all the hard work, does not require batteries, and there are no electronics to have to hide.
  • Will I have to use lots of extra hidden balls? NO. There really are just 5 balls and one bag. It’s super clean, and very easy to do.
  • What sort of instructions come with Body Language? We include full detailed instructions so you can see Charles perform and expalin this effect in full. Part of what makes this routine SO STRONG is the presentation, so you can learn exactly how this ‘plays’ live.

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Approx. Price: $99.00 (2009) ***

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