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3-D Rabbits by MagicByGosh

(c. 1945,2000) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Bob Nelson invented the Multiplying Rabbits c. 1945 in the routine Peter Rabbit Goes to Town.

Effect: Perform this classic of magic, now with a wonderful set of sponge bunnies from the first name in sponge: Goshman. Since 1965, Magic by Gosh has been the premier name in quality magic sponges. Now, they’ve created some great 3 D rabbits for the multiplying rabbit routine! The set includes 5 baby rabbits, 3 adult rabbits and Michael Ammar routine instructions. Very soft and durable!

So cute, people want to keep them!

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Approx. Price: $15.00 (2001) ***

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1 review for 3-D Rabbits by MagicByGosh

  1. Igor Moll

    “Women love bunnies”

    Well, I use these tiny creatures now for some time and they are really a killer! I used to do sponge trics a longer time, but just the balls. Till I had the opportunity to meet Jeff mcBride and he told me to use bunnies. Just for one simple reason: people (and especially children and women) love those fluffy animals. They are totally stunned and don’t try to look at the secret at all but just want to see the bunnies: leaving a happy and smiling audience…
    Easy to do once you’ve mastered some basic sleights. With a lot of variations possible. This is a classic!

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