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Lassen Triple Threat by Todd Lassen

Another great money item from Todd Lassen.

Approx. Price: $400.00 (07/2008) ***

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2 reviews for Lassen Triple Threat by Todd Lassen

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Guerra

    Are There Any Losers from Todd?

    Came back from vacation and this beauty was waiting for me. This is one of Todd’s most requested item I’ve heard. Now that I have it, I can see why it’s so popular. One coin becomes two, then three, and all contained in one gaff, nothing added or taken away. I have shown the sequence with the gaff in reverse on the first three images.

    I asked Todd to make mine in bright AU 1921 Morgans. I like the details on these clean coins, though many may prefer the quiet, softer, older coins. The magnets used are just right to hold everything together, but easy to un-nest.

    Todd included in this recent batch a JOL coin purse…a nice touch. However, I have used these purses when they first came out and I now have them in some drawer…unused. My own experience is that, though the craftsmanship is superb, I find that long term storage in these purses induces an ugly tarnishing on the silver coins. Now, that may be acceptable if you have bright AU coins, as you can clean off the tarnish back to the original luster, but I would have concerns what this could do to soft used coins that come with a beautiful patina.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brett Schulman

    Lassen Triple Threat

    This new batch of Triple Threats from Todd are perfection. Todd has outdone even himself with his newest group of gaffs. The 1921 BU coins are great and match all my other sets. The gaff acts just like one coin when you need it to. There is no concern of separation or rattle. The weight is also just like a real coin, which makes the gaff feel even more realistic. The inner coin also has the look of a real coin not that paper thin look that that other gimmick has by you know who.

    I have a soft Morgan TT as well and like this one just as much. Unlike George I do like the JOL purses and was told that they retard the aging process. Not sure on this point, but they do hold the coin well and protect it from nicks and drops.

    Beg, borrow and steal, do whatever it takes to get one. You will love it and never part with it.

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