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Jo-Anne – The Improved Card Duck by Warren Hamilton

(c. 1946) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

There have been many versions of the Card Duck over the years. It was invented by Laurie Ireland and marketed by him as Otto, The Automaton Duck.

Warren Hamilton’s Jo-Anne – The Improved Card Duck has been the Card Duck standard for many years. The paint job is amazing and the mechanism to pick the ducks is consistent and reliable. Though I do prefer the trigger on the Dick Chavel version, it is more solid and easier to operate.

Effect: One, two, or three cards are selected (no forcing) and returned to deck. Cards are placed in Jo-Anne’s feed-box. With unerring accuracy the smartest little duck in the world picks out the chosen cards. She can even do it blindfolded! Easy to work . . . if you can pull a lever, Jo-Anne will do the rest.

Performing Dickie and Jo-Anne for over 40 years has helped me realize that it really doesn’t matter what the prop looks like as all the magic emanates from the performer. It helps if the duck can actually pick the cards smoothly on queue, but most of the other tweaks and improvements pail when compared with a solid routine and a charismatic performance. This is true for most magic effects and why the best performers have relatively few actual effects in their repertoire because the audience wants to see the person perform almost regardless of what effect they actually perform.

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1 review for Jo-Anne – The Improved Card Duck by Warren Hamilton

  1. Andy Martin

    There is only one Duck!

    For years and years I thought I owned a genuine Warren Hamilton Duck, but it turned out that it was one by Dick Chavel. Well the Dick Chavel one was easily the best duck I had used up until I recently acquired this orignal Hamilton. The paint job is amazing and the action is very smooth.

    Until Chance Wolf comes out with his Duck (shortly I believe) the best duck by far is still Warren Hamilton’s Jo-Anne – and I should know I’ve tried a few over the years. A close second is the one by Dick Chavel – which looks very similar to the Hamilton one.

    Whatever duck you own, without a good routine it will never have the impact it can. This is one of those props that requires good acting and presentation skills. But if you put the time in you’ll have an enduring crowd pleaser!

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