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Ghost Writer’s Box by Trickery

Another great mentalism item from The Trickery.

Approx. Price: $495.00 (03/2010) ***

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2 reviews for Ghost Writer’s Box by Trickery

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    Sweet Perfection!

    Howie at The Trickery has been excited for sometime about his new creation built by those amazing craftsman at the Magic Wagon: The Ghost Writer’s Box. This really is a beauty and not only does is look amazing it works perfectly 100% of the time.

    The Ghost Writer’s Box already has endorsement from one of my favorite magicians: Richard Osterlind, and there are even two great routines by him included with the instructions. The box really is perfect. What is particularly nice about this box is that there are no electronics to go wrong and no levers to pull. All the work can be done without the spectator realizing it and without the magician once touching the box. Reset is a snap too.

    This really is a utility that has many uses but the brilliant routine Signature Pieces is what it comes with, along with other ideas. In this routine you show the box and open it up to see a bag with 3 pens, a deck of cards and some sheets of paper. You have any pen selected and placed in the groove in the box designed for it. Both the magician and the spectator sign a piece of paper and the spectator closes the box and keeps it at all times – the magician does not need to go near the box. Then a card is chosen and when the box is opened the name of the card is written in the color pen they chose on the piece of paper with both signatures.

    It doesn’t get much stronger than this. Unlike some devices which achieve similar effects this is 100% sure-fire – I have yet to see this fail.

    This really is an amazing beauty and there is a limited number of them produced for the first run and I believe almost half have already been sold, so now is the time to grab one!

    Highly Recommended for Mentalists and Magicians everywhere!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Blown Away by the Quality

    I just opened mine and without even performing with it, I am blown away by the quality. No surprise, considering The Trickery is driving the bus and Magic Wagon is supplying the bus. That is THE A-Team in my mind. So far, this match up between The Trickery and Magic Wagon has produced only winners.

    This gets an A+ for craftsmanship, but I still need to work with it to grade it further. Perfect finish on all surfaces…wood, metal, and interior. Even the weight feels right. It’s elegant, but substantial. Even after purchasing at least 75% of Magic Wagon’s offerings (including The Trickery/Magic Wagon team-ups), I still can’t get over their consistent quality. And, couple that with Howard’s (of The Trickery) devious mind…look out!!!

    My one, and only complaint is the same one I have with all the items Magic Wagon produces.. they look so darn good I want to hoard them away rather than use them. And I know, that’s not good. So, I’m going to make myself use this effect. It really does "look" and "act" like a winner. I’m very sure it will perform like one.

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