Keith Noaker

Posted July 16, 2018:

I love your site, I’m a magic collector for over 35 years. It’s good to see a lot of my stuff on your site.

Keith Noaker
Tampa Bay Florida


Posted July 14, 2018:

Hi Andi, thanks for running your website. Maybe you have a look at my site Greetings from Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Lee Alex

Thank you for a fabulous site which is most useful for references and preserving some of the great pieces of our art. I wish this were not only a virtual, but a real live collection; I am sure I would spend many hours, days or even weeks admiring all the wonderful creations in the collection.

Paco Ruiz

Me encanta su página. Yo tambien soy un artesano de la magia.

(From Google Translate: I love your page. I am also a craftsman of magic.)


Thanks to you Andy to make us discover of wonderful magic object, and thank you for having to mention my name for Astra Ball. I am happy that my method love to the collector of magic object. Kent with fact a wonderful design.

Sorry for my very bad English 🙁

Mark Stevens

Too often and none-the-less understood in a chaotic life, we utilize services without recognizing the incredible cost of time, energy and passion that is involved in creating them. This immediately comes to mind with Martin’s Magic (which is just one of Andy’s sites). As you view this incredible site, think about the time it takes in creating and maintaining what is unquestionably the largest database in the art. Martin’s magic is the Wikipedia of Magic.

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