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The Pea Shoot by Chance Wolf

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Effect: A 9” hand held Shooting Gallery is shown with three 9” Balloons attached, two Rubber Duckies and Bullseye in the center. A card is chosen from a normal sized deck and lost in the pack. The cards are placed back in the box and attached to the Bullseye.

The Magician explains that he has PLACED A PREDICTION INSIDE one of the BALLOONS! The child is given a JUMBO PEASHOOTER and a JUMBO PEA. He is instructed to choose any balloon, shoot the Pea the chosen balloon and the prediction will be revealed! Once again you have a FREE CHOICE of ANY of the THREE Balloons and states that the card will magically appear in the chosen Balloon.

Before the spectator can make a decision, one Balloon SLOWLY DEFLATES. Magician continues offering to have them SHOOT ANY of the..er..TWO BALLOONS and the Card will PLBLBLBLBT!! The Second Balloon FLIES OFF the WAND!

Magician continues…er…ok…you have a free choice to shoot THIS balloon. Spectator of course chooses this Balloon and POP!! The magician PLACES THE TARGET IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. The child SHOOTS THE PEA and the balloon explodes! The JUMBO CARD APPEARS however it has a LARGE HOLE IN THE CENTER! The Magician slowly lowers the card from in front of his face and smiles then OPENS HIS MOUTH SHOWING THE PEA CAUGHT IN HIS TEETH!! The Pea is removed as the Magicians states… ”Hmmm… tastes like pea!” The kids burst into laughter and amazement of the magical feat!

Solid Mechanics and absolutely NO HAND MOTION is detected when triggering each gimmick! Children’s Routine and ADULT Routine INCLUDED!

Includes: 9” Diameter Bullseye, Specially gimmicked Pea Shooter (Breaks down into two 9” long pieces) (2) Magnetic Peas (2) Magnetically attachable Duckies, One Dozen 9” Balloons. PACKS SUPER SMALL & FLAT and PLAYS HUGE!!

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Approx. Price: $195.00 (2010) ***

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1 review for The Pea Shoot by Chance Wolf

  1. Andy Martin

    Chance is back with his EconoMagic line …

    What’s this? EconoMagic from Chance Wolf? Chance doesn’t know how to create cheap items – all of his magic is high quality and high entertainment. There are economies being made but not in the quality of the props. Maybe they are more stripped down then perhaps some of his other props. I don’t think anything is missing from the magic, but rather he sat down to create some magic with an eye to keeping the price low. To be fair these items are not cheap, but for Chance they are certainly cheaper than his other items and do represent great value!

    This item is based upon Warren Stephens’ Balloon Tray (which of course Chance has already tackled once with his Jumbo Balloon Wand) and he has an interesting spin on the whole routine using a Pea Shooter (or blow dart for adults), which after the usual balloon going down, flying away and popping ends up in the Magician’s teeth. The routine is a great and there is an elegant simplicity and economy of movement that goes into each phase.

    If you were wishing to buy some of Wolf’s Magic, but were unable to afford them before this new line should fit the bill perfectly – great magic for a great price!

    Highly Recommended for magician’s everywhere!

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