Die-Abolical Version 2 (Limited Edition) by Steve Cook, Tony Curtis

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An even more die-abolical version of Steve Cooks original idea Die-Abolical. Beautifully made by Magic Wagon again in conjunction with Tony Curtis and Peter Nardi. A self-contained piece of mentalism which is easy to do and every outcome is covered perfectly!

Effect: The performer displays a small bag, and a beautiful wooden box. The bag is placed to one side and the performer opens the box and removes three different colored dice. The box is closed as the performer states that he has made two predictions which will become apparent soon.

The three dice are now passed to a spectator, who is asked to place them out of sight and thoroughly mix them up. One of the hidden dice is now selected by the spectator and placed on top of the box. The spectator then places the remaining two dice on top of the bag.

The performer now reveals that not only has he predicted the die placed on the box, but it also matches the prediction inside. The two different colored dice alongside the bag, are also seen to have been predicted, when two dice are tipped from the bag, showing a color match with the spectator’s dice.

Please note that Die-Abolical V2 can be repeated with a different prediction outcome

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