Chan Canasta’s Book of Oopses by Chan Canasta

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Details: Being a Collection of thrilling experiments in which the book itself, plays the part of the mind-reader!

This is the first ever book that can mind read. It is based on a completely new and unusual idea – you, the Reader, are the spectator, and the Book is the performer of a series of exciting mind reading tricks.

The instructions for each trick are clearly set out on one page, and when you have followed them, you turn to another page and find that the Book knows exactly what you are thinking. Like any mind reader the Book is not successful all the time – and when it fails – OOPS! – it shrugs sadly and admits failure. But when it scores a hit, the effect is nothing short of miraculous, giving you an eerie feeling that it possesses some occult and incredible power.

“…an unusual format, a 48-page staple-bound volume with color printing on black pages. It was billed as “a collection of thrilling experiments in which the book itself plays the part of the mind-reader….Each double page spread featured a set of instructions on the left-hand page and a diagram on the right-hand page. Following the instructions you chose one of the items on the opposite page; a playing card, a symbol, a number or a word. When you’d made your decision you turned to the back of the book and looked at Canasta’s prediction. Hopefully he would be right. But if he was wrong he offered a humorous and delightful apology and said, ‘Oops’.” – David Britland (Chan Canasta – A Remarkable Man)


2 Introduction
4 Oops 1 Fifty Years of History: math stunt
6 Oops 2 Strange Distant Cities: picking a city, not 100%
8 Oops 3 Matches and Loose Change: a magic square of sorts
10 Oops 4 Matches Not for Burning: math stunt
12 Oops 5 Pieces of Cards: recalling a card, not 100%
14 Oops 6 Writing on the Wall: variation on clock trick
16 Oops 7 Dear Old Pals: name selection
18 Oops 8 Mystery of Undamaged Pips: determining card values
20 Oops 9 Look Out for a Number: 1089 trick
22 Oops 10 Making a Sentence of Nonsense: choosing a sentence, not 100%
24 Oops 11 Pick a Card of Fortune: not 100%
26 Oops 12 Crosses to Touch: predicting which x will be touched
28 Oops 13 Think of a Number: predicted
30 Oops 14 Put In a Word or Two: creating a word from letters
32 Oops 15 Four Kings Into Exile: two cards found together in the pack
34 Answers: to page 48

  • Publisher: Chan Canasta
  • Pages: 48
  • Dimensions: 6″x8″
  • Binding: softbound

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