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Coins in Flight (Half Dollar) by Al Baker, Nate Liepzig, D. Robbins & Co.

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The original version of this coin box was invented by Al Baker and Nate Liepzig c. 1934 and called the Al ‘N’ Nate Coin Box. This was the original effect:

Five half dollars are placed in a metal cup. Cup is placed on a spread out handkerchief. Handkerchief is picked up by four corners, held for a few seconds, then opened and coins are gone. Coins are produced from under table.

It has been copied and called many names since then, but as far as I can tell after consulting with my good friend George Robinson at Viking Mfg., the Al ‘N’ Nate Coin Box was the first coin box to use this method.

Effect: This is a beautiful piece of apparatus, crafted in solid brass with a black velour carrying bag. The cylinder is open on the top, and has a hole thru the center of its bottom, so when its empty, the spectator can see right thru it. Four half dollars are placed in the cylinder, and almost instantly they vanish to appear elsewhere. Part Boston box and part Chinatown Half, for those of you familiar with those principles — this is a winner.

Half Dollars could be borrowed, as the box design does all the dirty work for you.

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