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Babuska (Babutschkas Tarnkappe) by Magiro

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A sought after effect that is now becoming hard to find from the micro magic genius Magiro (Mathias Weissl). This was distributed by Howard Schwarzman and his Limited Editions line of imported magic. It was recently recreated successfully by Magic Wagon with their Golden Buddha.

Effect: A simple wooden platform is shown along with a small Russian doll. The doll is now placed on the platform and is then covered by a metal tube with holes.  Then a solid tube is placed over the metal tube and a lid is placed on the top. A snap of the fingers and everything happens slowly and deliberately: the spectator disassembles everything and, to their surprise, the doll has completely vanished!

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1 review for Babuska (Babutschkas Tarnkappe) by Magiro

  1. The Outsider

    the age old question

    How many times have you been asked "Can you make my wife dissapear?" Well with this little gem from Howard Schwarzman, you can show a prototype of just that with this micro illusion. I’ve had more fun with this over the years and the best thing about it, it will fool everyone including magicians.

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