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Lightning Box by Bob Kohler

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German magician Bruno Hennig invented the Signed Card To Box c. 1958 (see here) and the effect was first popularized by the ultimate master Fred Kaps and later by Scotty York, Tommy Wonder, and Jamy Ian Swiss, each of whom added touches of his own to the effect.  For me the best version over the last twenty years is John Kennedy’s Mystery Box. So that is the one to beat.

Effect: Bob Kohler sells his Lightning Box by staring with all the things the perfect solution must have:

  1. The box must look like an ordinary object.
  2. The box must be able to work with any color/ back design playing card plus other objects such as money, business cards and billets. The objects must be the complete objects so the spectators can see depth.
  3. The box must be able to use the Jamy Ian Swiss work for ultimate deception.
  4. The box must be durable and able to withstand countless performances for professional use.
  5. The box must have the ability to be shown empty both BEFORE and AFTER the revelation.
  6. The lid must stay on for transport but be easy to remove.
  7. The container must easily go through airport security.
  8. The Reset must be automatic. 

And although I’m not sure he passes # 1. for the most part he does get these right.  The problem for me is that many of these criteria are just not that important.  And the one he does not mention is that the box should fit easily in your pocket – the Lightning Box does not fit easily in the pocket.  It is pretty big.

So although the Lightning Box is a fine device I’ll still stick with John Kennedy’s Mystery Box.

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