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Changing Card Box by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering

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On page 121 of More Magic Professor Hoffman described A New Changing Card-Box. In 1994 Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering, founded by George Richbark and Dave Dorsett, created this beautiful reproduction staying true to Professor Hoffman’s description.

Effect: After many design changes they settled on a simple, beautiful design which houses a sure quiet mechanism to allow you to vanish, appear, or change up to four cards.  Best of all, the box is left examinable! A gorgeous hardwood box with a one hand flip top design and a delicate hand applied transfer finish out one of our more challenging items and one of our best additions to the Hoffman Series(TM).

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Approx. Price: $90.00 (2002) ***

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1 review for Changing Card Box by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering

  1. Andy Martin

    Another Card Box?

    Well here we have another card box! Just when you thought ten was enough here is another one!

    This is pretty nice, well made and does the job. I guess I still wonder about the need for so many card boxes, and why I keep buying them!

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