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Mental Safari Deluxe by Magic Wagon

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So here is another version of the T.A. Waters’ amazing Box Office which has been recreated so many times it is hard to keep up.

An updated version of their 2006 item, and the mechanism works perfectly every time. Unlike some other versions, this box was clearly built from scratch for this routine. In effect any one of the animals is chosen by the spectator and a single prediction is found in the bottom of the box, that matches. The effect has a different outcome every time. The spectator can open the box and open the prediction themselves.

What is unusual about this version is that you openly place a prediction in the box in front of the spectators when you begin.  This is a great touch that is rarely seen in most versions of Box Office.

Magic Wagon have actually created at least four versions of Box Office including:

so it is a common theme for them.

Effect: A small wooden box is displayed and opened revealing a tray containing four different plaques each depicting the head of a wild animal. The performer then removes the tray and shows that the box is clearly empty. A velvet bag containing a prediction is then placed inside the box and the tray is replaced. Now, the spectator is asked to freely select her favorite wild animal and then write down the Reference Number beneath the plaque. The performer now lifts the tray and clearly shows the velvet bag that was previously placed inside the box. The prediction is now removed by the spectator and read out aloud. Amazingly, the prediction matches the animal plaque chosen including its reference number!

  • The prediction was indeed placed inside the box BEFORE the spectator makes her selection!
  • The spectator has a completely free choice of the four animal plaques displayed!
  • The effect can be immediately repeated with a different outcome!

The box measures 11cms square by 7cms high and completely hand-crafted the old fashioned way using natural aged teak logs with a lightly distressed antique finish.

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1 review for Mental Safari Deluxe by Magic Wagon

  1. Andy Martin

    Another Box Office and Perfection Attained

    I’ve had a soft spot for T.A. Waters’ Box Office for years and have owned many versions. Magic Wagon too seem to like it as they have created three different versions now. For me this is their best and it is a really wonderful. Apart from better materials used from their original Mental Safari they have added a knob for the inner tray. This make it much easier to take out the tray which is a weakness of the original version. Also the bottom where the prediction is placed is more stable and convincing.

    If you wanted the most authentic looking version of this trick the Tabman Chest of Destiny still rules, however as far as the best working and prettiest I believe this would be it. It is simply gorgeous and works 100% perfectly.

    I believe these have already sold out which is a shame because it is one effect that more people should own.

    Highly Recommended for collectors and close-up performers!

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