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Card Trimmer and Re-Cornering Signature Set by Owen Magic Supreme

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Owen Magic’s Les Smith was determined to make the finest quality, most beautiful set possible. Since the extremely rare classic sets of trimmers and rounders change hands for five and six thousand dollars, you can be sure your investment will at the very least hold its value. The Owen Genie on magic apparatus has proven a reliable indicator of future worth.

The instruments are made of bronze, brass and on the cutting edges, tool steel. These surfaces require no care except to be kept clean with a soft cloth. The steel cutting edges are another matter. Accordingly, touch the steel parts as little as possible (perspiration is quite corrosive). Once in a while wipe down those parts with a soft cotton cloth, Q-tips and light machine oil, like sewing machine oil or gun oil (only the blades). Don’t’forget the male and female dies in the corner rounder.

The box is made from one or two of several exotic hardwoods, including Purple Heart, Babinga and Padauk as well as Maple. It is highly finished (the Owen Genie is laser-etched) and requires no other protection. Please don’t use wax, oil or wood dressings, and never ever any product containing Silicones. Like any fine furniture, keep it clean and dry with a soft cotton cloth; away from heaters, extremes in humidity, and direct sunlight.

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Approx. Price: $1995.00 (2013) ***

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1 review for Card Trimmer and Re-Cornering Signature Set by Owen Magic Supreme

  1. Andy Martin

    Stunning and Extravagant!

    I’ve always wanted a professional card trimmer but have never really been able to justify the cost. But when I saw this stunner I decided I had to have it, regardless of the cost!

    Clearly I will never make my money back, unless I sell it, but it just looks so beautiful. Cuts cards really nicely too! This sort of craftsmanship in magic has always been rare, but these days it is almost non-existent.

    The most beautiful piece of apparatus in my collection today – I love it!

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