Demon Clear Nest of Boxes by Davenports

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From Davenport’s in London a wonderful set of boxes based on the Himber design, which George Robinson at Viking Mfg. was so successful with.

A vanished watch or ring reappears on a small pillow in an clear acrylic box wrapped with a ribbon, locked inside two other nested wooden boxes. No-assistant model. Outer box 8.5” high. The method of loading is clever and the largest box covers the action from both the front and the sides.

Effect: This is a big novelty introduction and sets a new standard in effect and beauty in appearance. The apparatus is attractive and perfect and consists of a polished casket in which a slightly smaller polished box nests. The third box, a little smaller still, is made in crystal clear plastic and this nests in the second casket. All are tied with colored ribbons to give added effect and inside the clear casket is a nicely made cushion in bright colored velvet.

The effect is that a borrowed ring disappears from the tip of the magician’s wand and reappears resting on the cushion in the inner “clear” casket. The trick is a feature in any magical show. The amazement of the audience as the box is produced from the casket and the “clear” casket is pulled from the box to see the borrowed ring resting on the cushion, is beyond description.

The “clear” casket is taken to a member, as indeed all the caskets can, to be untied. The great hit of this showy trick, is that the ring can be seen inside before the box is undone. This is a big introduction and will be an immediate “hit” with magicians.

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