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Giant Cervon Monte by Bruce Cervon

(c. 1988,2008) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Bruce Cervon released his original Cervon Monte c. 1984 and devised this Jumbo version c. 1988.  It was relaunched by Stevens Magic c. 2008.

Effect: Stevens Magic is very proud to have been selected to carry on the name of Bruce Cervon and his fabulous “Giant Cervon Monte”, which stands with the best of similar effects in our world of magic and is full of entertainment and mystery as Bruce created and performed the effect.

“I have always thought two of magic world’s finest effects were the Fred Kaps routine of Martin Lewis’ Sidewalk Shuffle and Ton Onosaka’s Tonte routine and were unequaled for professional magic presentations. Bruce Cervon’s Giant Cervon Monte could well be just “a notch” above both of the above routines.” –Joe Stevens

It has 100% entertainment value! It has wonderful spectator involvement! It plays well on the stage. It plays excellent in parlor setting. It can be even be performed close-up. It uses ONLY three jumbo cards. There is NO special printing on the cards. The card indices are NOT altered. Bruce’s funny $100 routine is included.

A DVD of Bruce’s performance is included. Comes complete with jumbo cards and instructions. Packs flat and plays “BIG”. Tops for trade show work. The spectator sees the three jumbo cards, with one being a court card. The court card is in the middle, for sure, but it is still impossible to find the jumbo court card, as it jumps to the back or front to avoid being found! How is this possible as there are NO false moves? Believe it! Be sure to watch Bruce’s performance on our website… It has to be seen to be believed!

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Approx. Price: $37.50 (2008) ***

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1 review for Giant Cervon Monte by Bruce Cervon

  1. Anonymous

    A real stunner

    Bruce was a good friend and one of the best performers of magic you could find. This effect is Bruce at his best. The patter may not work for all, but suited him to a tee. I have performed this effect to a variety of audiences. Modifying the patter to suit the atmosphere at the time. It is simple to perform and a shocker to watch. God must have loved it now that Bruce is performing to a eternal bunch now.

    I miss him


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