Albo 11 – Laboratories of Legerdemain by Robert J. Albo

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The Eleventh and Final volume of the Dr. Albo Books limited to 300 copies.

Details: This truly is the final volume of the classic magic series and represents reprinted material from several soft cover editions of “Magic by Country” series of books consisting of: America, France, Germany, and England. The format of these books or chapters is a bit different in that the apparatus is described in words and has accompanying color photographs but typically there are no line drawings. Albo solved a problem for some collectors by reprinting these since certain one were scare and hard to find.

To make it interesting for those who already had the 4 soft cover editions, a chapter 5 was added to include more material that was not previously published including “Thayer Revisted.” It is interesting that this volume was limited to only 300 copies so that limits the possible full sets of the classic magic series at 300.


Title Page i
Foreword vi
Thank you x


  • Laboratories of Legerdemain America 1
  • Laboratories of Legerdemain France 123
  • Laboratories of Legerdemain Germany 263
  • Laboratories of Legerdemain England 329


  • Magic Craftsmen Revisited 424
  • Surprising Silk Foulard 426
  • Miraculous Fish Bowl 426
  • The Ladies’ Favorite 428
  • Horn of Plenty (Cornucopia) 429
  • Garland of Flowers 430
  • Miraculous Blooming Orange Tree 432
  • Inexhaustible Bottle 434
  • Fantastic Portfolio 436
  • Okitos Chest 438
  • Vanishing and Reappearing Lamp 439
  • Vanishing and Reappearing Fire Bowls 441
  • Ball Vase 442


  • Money Maker 446
  • Cut and Restored Jump Rope 449
  • New Model Dynamic Dove Vanish (Rodent Vanish included) 450
  • Mystic Money Box 452
  • Vanishing Coin Box 453
  • Mystic Tube and Ball 454
  • Hank Vanishing Wand 455
  • Transpo Chango 456
  • Silk Worm 458
  • Mystic Coin Slide 459
  • Oriental Tubes of Mystery 460
  • Giant Thimble Tray 462
  • Flag Blendo 463
  • Golly Wobble Bottle 464
  • Confetti to Rabbit Vase 465
  • The Cords of Cairo 466
  • Talking Lamp 468
  • Mento Mystery 469

COLOR SECTION: Magic Old and New 471


CLASSIC MAGIC SERIES INDEX DVD (envelope, back cover)

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