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Duco’s Mini Dice Box by El Duco’s Magic

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This was a great idea by El Duco, but poorly executed.  With the right construction this would have been a real winner.

Effect: The Die Box is a classic effect but El Duco’s Mini Dice Box is an entirely NEW concept in this field.  First of all it is a Dice Box for close-up. The box itself is attached to a small pedestal which can be turned around. It has slide doors on both sides so you can see right through. The solid die is l inch in bright red.

Open the box and show a RED die. Close the door and open the box again. The RED die has vanished! NOTE! You never have to tilt the box from side to side to show it is empty. It’s fixed to the pedestal and still the die vanishes! Now, open the other side of the box. It’s empty. Close again. Open and the RED dice is back! Turn the box around and open the other door. You can see right thru. No die! Close the box again and when you open it – the dice is back! BUT NOW IT’S GREEN!!! The die has CHANGED COLOUR!

Tilt the box and let the GREEN dice fall out into your hand. Let the spectator examine it. Remove the slide doors and show the box COMPLETELY EMPTY!This is really a miniature illusion. The box is nicely made in plastic and metal. It is 2 3/4 inch long (70 mm) and l inch wide. The pedestal has a polished heavy base so it stands steady. The box with the pedestal is 4 l/2 inch (ll0 mm) high. It comes with a very special dice which is the ONLY dice in the box during the whole routine.

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Approx. Price: $80.00 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for Duco’s Mini Dice Box by El Duco’s Magic

  1. Todd Reis

    A different type of Die Box

    This mini Die Box is a nice idea and works a bit differently than the standard type. My only disappointment was with the quality of the workmanship. When I received mine, 2 of the door rails needed to be repaired with superglue before first use.

  2. Kevin Wenker


    For me, this was an absolute waste of money. It was apparently made incorrectly as neither of the effects worked whatsoever. The construction itself was likewise shoddy. The only thing good about it was I now have an extra pair of dice.

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