Witch’s Tunnel, The by Howard Schwarzman

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Another great close-up item from Howard Schwarzman.

Approx. Price: $349.95 (02/2009) ***

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1 review for Witch’s Tunnel, The by Howard Schwarzman

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    The Witch’s Tunnel

    This is a fantastic effect! You show a tube that has two slits going half way up its sides and is topped with a slotted wooden lid. Slide this tube down over a clear Plexiglas tube which rests on a base and has holes through its sides. Thread a metal rod or needle through both tubes and drop a solid ring through the slotted lid. (Or you may have the spectator do this) When the outer tub is raised off, the ring has magically penetrated into the rod. Everything can be thoroughly examined both before and after the effect is performed. The spectators will find nothing! I examined the props before reading the instructions and could not figure out the method. Very Diabolical! This item is very hard to come by so if you should fine it, get it. *The instructions were all in German with the one I got so I had to translate them into English.

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