Midget Slat Frame by Joe Berg

(c. 1945) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Made in wood, it gives the magician the ability to change a card in a visual manner. A blank card is placed in the frame, a card is selected, when the blank in the frame is dropped out of the frame it VISIBLY transforms itself to the selected card!

It is a card utility device, with several routines described in the instructions. Additionally, the card in the frame is made to be removed easily, and another card can be made to replace it, using the original as a template.


  1. A card is chosen from the deck end inserted into frame in full view of the audience and shuffled front and back. Performer now commands the card to vanish from the frame and reappear in the deck reversed. Attention is called on the card in the frame and passing the hand over the frame the card vanishes in a flash. The spectator who is holding the deck is asked to run through tho cards and to his surprise he finds one card reversed and it is their card.
  2. Two cards are chosen from the deck and the frame is shown perfectly enpty.   Performer shows both cards and mixes them up asking the spectator to remember both cards.  One card is placed in the spectator’s breast pocket the other card is inserted in the frame. Performer asks the spectator if he knows which of the cards is in the frame, of course he does not as it is with the back towards him, so performer turns frame around and shows the card. The spectator is now asked to name the card in his pocket.  Now that that we know how we stand says tho performer: “I shall command the two cards to change places”. Like a flash the card from tho spectator’s pocket is now in the frame and when spectator is asked to remove tho card in his pocket it is found to be the one just shown in the frame.
  3. A chosen card is inserted into tho frame. Attention is called, to the size of the card, suddenly the card is seen, to diminish in size as it comes out of frame.
  4. A chosen card is inserted into frame, and remains in full view through the open bars. A strip of paper is pieced over the center of frame, the card being visible through the top and bottom open bar. A pencil is now pushed through the strip of paper emerging at the other side of frame, then a silk also is pushed right through the frame and card. Upon removing the strip of paper, the card is removed and no trace of the pencil hole can be found.


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