Lorayne: The Classic Collection 2 by Harry Lorayne

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Details: Lorayne: The Classic Collection 2: Omissions, Additions, Decisions, Revisions, Upgradings and Updatings for and of Reputation-Makers, Rim Shots & Afterthoughts.

The response to LORAYNE: THE CLASSIC COLLECTION, VOL. 1 was, is, overwhelming. Says Harry, “I’m pleasantly surprised and gratified. I originally felt that the many who had the original books (from the 1960s) wouldn’t buy the re-written ‘collection.’ I was, obviously, wrong.”

There’s a reason for the success of any HARRY LORAYNE book. In the magic world Harry Lorayne is considered to be the best writer/ teacher of, entertainer with, playing cards.
Harry Lorayne is a consummate teacher, and quite possibly the very best of all the marvelous writers in the annals of the art. (Tom Daugherty)
Mr. Lorayne’s exalted reputation began with Close-Up Card Magic (1962); it became an instant classic. That reputation grew in leaps and bounds with each succeeding book. What you have in your hands right now is his rewrite, his additions, revisions, updating/ upgrading of his classic books of the early 1970s—REPUTATION-MAKERS, RIM SHOTS and AFTERTHOUGHTS.
Harry says, “So many times I’ve been asked to re-write and update these books, books which people refer to as ‘classics.’ (Reason for the title.) So, here they are, all in one volume. I know that those who have one or more of the originals will still welcome this, and those who don’t have the originals are, in the opinion of many, in for one heck of a treat.
“As I started to relax, after completing Volume 1, the requests, the demands, for me to do Volume 2 grew and grew. Well, I let myself get talked into it. As I started to write, I thought, ‘What in the world have I gotten myself into? This is just too much work!’ But, once started, there was no way I could be stopped! I’m so pleased with the end result.”
A few, of so many, unsolicited testimonials: Buy it, read it, learn it, love it, live it. That encapsulates my feelings about ALL of Harry Lorayne’s work. (Vlad)
If you’re going to learn and be inspired from/ by anyone—learn from, be inspired by, the best there is! Harry Lorayne IS the BEST! (Paul Gordon)
Harry, you set the bar for me in terms of what was possible and the standard to reach as far as excellence is concerned. (Michael Vincent)
The best advice I can give is—buy everything that Harry Lorayne puts out. (Rimbaud)
In my opinion the best card work ever assembled is Harry Lorayne’s work—every one of his tricks is a worker. (Steve Conner)
Harry. You’re one of the greatest entertainers with a deck of cards I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of magic in my lifetime. Your books are great—a great investment in learning commercial card magic. (Glenn Bishop)
Pound for pound you have put out more top notch, usable material than any other magician. (Gary Freed)
You do so much more than so many others combined. I would have given up magic if not for your books. You set the standard of how a magic book could and should be written. (Gerald Ochoa)
You truly are the greatest writer and teacher in magic—ever. (Jeremy Lasky)
I delved into the REAL work with your books, Harry. (Paul Lelekis)
I would never trade the learning curve I have received by reading Harry Lorayne’s works. (Nick Lewin—The Linking Ring magazine)
Most of your stuff blows other magicians away: they look at me as if I’ve found the Holy Grail. (Robert E. Kimball)
Any student of Harry Lorayne’s books will become a fantastic magician. Harry teaches MAGIC, not tricks, and very powerful magic indeed. (Grandpa Chet)
The magic community needs more Harry Loraynes—we have all learned from Harry. (Vinny)
Yours are the greatest books on card magic. Your concise instructions and insights are what truly make you the Best Teacher of card magic Ever. (Nick Macri)
The Classic Collection Volume 2 has never before been offered as a PDF download. The Conjuring Arts Research Center is proud to have partnered up with Harry Lorayne to be the exclusive retailer of this exciting, new format.


ix Preface

3 Reputation Makers
3 Foreword
5 The Card Sharp & The Four Gamblers
17 Stranger Card Faro Locator
21 Super Location
26 Further Than Further Than That
29 The Magic Eraser
36 To Catch An Ace #1
38 To Catch An Ace #2
41 To Catch An Ace #3
46 To Catch An Ace #4
49 To Catch An Ace #5
54 To Catch An Ace #6
57 Fourcefully
59 The Phantom Card
64 Lorayne’s Move-A-Card, A La Moe
67 Roll Your Own
72 Pseudo Memory #3
75 The Lorayne Card Spin
78 The Difference & The Sum
85 The HC Difference & Sum
86 Tally-Ho!
95 Snap! Plus
103 Half A Faro Onward
106 Circle Of Light
113 Lorayne’s Poker Deal #2
122 The Australian Sixes
125 Four By Four
130 Ring On Stick
135 Card To Wallet
139 The Memory Magic Square
149 Instant Magic Square
151 The Flying Kings
157 The Pecking Bird
162 The Color-Changing Deck
169 Super Triple Change
173 Faro Quickie & Follow-Up
177 Sandwich Locator
178 Trampoline, The Second
180 Spread-Pass Delay
183 Behind-The-Back Force
186 The Lorayne Double-Lift Breakthrough
190 Evolution Of A Sleight
193 The Scoop Change

199 Rim Shots
199 Foreword
201 The Flip-Up Double Lift
203 The Mind Boggler
209 The Half Force
211 Quick Crimp
212 A Fast Repeat Reverse
215 Half-Force Aces
219 Half-Force Open Prediction
221 A Double-Cut Lap
223 The Chopstick One-Hand Cut
227 A Unique Red-Black Shuffle
229 The Riffle Diffle
232 The Super Riffle Diffle
236 Three False Cuts
240 The Retention-Of-Vision Cut

243 Amazing Prediction
248 One-Hand Top-Palm Method
250 A Top Palm
253 A Multiple Palm
255 Controlled Spelling
259 Cast A Triple Spell
262 Spell Again
264 The Rockin’ Chair
267 The Ribbon-Spread Palm
269 Deal Location
272 “Wired”
276 One-Hand Instant Crimp

279 The Lap Switch
281 Color-Full
283 The Status-Quo Shuffle
285 The Persistence-Of-Vision Control
289 A Switch/Control
292 The “Clipper” Switch
296 One Of Four
299 Improvisation Location
301 A Poker, Or 4-Card, Switch

305 Spectator-Challenge Aces
308 Any Ace Spell
310 Spell Mell
313 Two Simple Controls
315 HaLo Aces
319 HaLo Again
324 HaLo Mates

329 Afterthoughts
329 Foreword

331 The Ultra Move
337 The Ultra Move For The Ambitious Card
339 The Ultra Move And The Fast Pass
340 The Ultra Sandwich Routine
343 Ultra Aces
345 Ultra Aces To Kings
348 Ultra General Card (& Impossible Location)
350 Ultra Potpourri
353 Lorayne’s New Fan Steal
355 The Peek Lap
358 Goin’ Fishin’
362 Snappy Flush
365 The HaLo Cut Cop
367 The Spread Cop
369 One From Three

373 Double-Cut Series
376 Easy Indicator
382 A Flourish Deal
383 The Regal Royal Flush
389 Fource
393 Any Ace Spell Variation
396 Combination Aces
400 The Lorayne Force Open Prediction
404 Think Of Any Card
407 An Instant 3-Card Location

413 Two-Gether Again
416 The Square Reverse
420 The Fascinating Travelers
425 Flash Reverse
427 Bust Out!
430 Match Up
431 A Riffle Shuffle Cop
434 The Ribbon-Spread Grab
437 TCAA #5, The Second
439 The 29th Card
443 Tally-Ho Detector
447 Tally-Ho Ace Locator


  • Publisher: Harry Lorayne
  • Pages: 451
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 2008
  • Binding: hardbound

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