Zenith Wallet by William Zavis, R.A.R. Magic

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Effect: From an idea by William Zavis, USA a beautiful effect created perfectly by Roy Roth. A beautiful goatskin wallet that is entirely automatic. Merely by picking it up from the table or removing it from your pocket, a card can appear or disappear within the wallet and with no sleight of hand involved.

This is an entirely new principle in wallet effects. This is a first class item which comes complete with a GREAT ROUTINE and a strong COMEDY CLIMAX by William Zavis.

Two spectators choose a card each from the pack. The first spectator’s card makes its appearance behind a transparent panel in the Wallet. The second spectator is told to watch for his card – which is also to appear behind the panel in the Wallet. Another card does appear – but it is not the right one!

Performer is quite concerned about this – he then draws out another card from the Wallet – but this is not the right one cither! In desperation, the performer draws out a whole stream of cards, all attached to each other in a long line! “Well – is it any of these?” he asks – but the spectator says “No” ! This is the ‘last straw’!

Performer can only ask – “What is the name of the card, then.?” Spectator names his card -. We do not intend to divulge the surprising sequel to this hilarious routine, suffice to say that it is a fitting climax to this fine Comedy Effect.

We are now producing these fine Wallets in the best quality leather, and because of the intricate work involved, this is not a cheap item. Eminently suitable for close-up, Cabaret, or even Stage presentation.

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Approx. Price: $89.95 (2009) ***

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