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Sho-Gun Wallet (Shogun Wallet) by Elbert Gardner

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Effect: A wallet that you will carry with you all the time! The Sho-Gun Wallet is a unique wallet for magicians. You can use it to change a one dollar bill into a five dollar bill! Use it to change a check into real money! Place a credit card into the wallet, and out comes some real cash! Use it to switch a billet in a mentalism routine! There are thousands of uses for this clever wallet — it’s limited only by your imagination. And, it looks exactly like the type of wallet most of us carry in our hip pockets! But, it’s been gaffed to perform beautifully as a switching wallet. As a matter of fact, the switch can be done right in the spectator’s hands — while they are holding the wallet!!

Beautifully made of GENUINE LEATHER. It’s designed to hold all of your stuff — money, credit cards, license, etc. Yet, it’s a very slim-looking wallet.

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Approx. Price: $45.00 (2007) ***

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1 review for Sho-Gun Wallet (Shogun Wallet) by Elbert Gardner

  1. Dr. Herb Hughes

    Awesome Wallet

    I use the Sho-Gun wallet as my everday wallet and when someone asks me to perform a magic trick I’m always ready. It is made of very nice leather and gives the magician numerous options. It is a must have!

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