Hole-Lucination by Limited Edition Magic, Randy Helms

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Originally created by Randy Helms this effect took the originality trophy at the 1972 Southeastern Magicians Convention in Knoxville. It was manufactured by George Kimery (before he started Chalet Magic) under the Magic … by George! banner c. 1974.

This remake created by Paul Lembo for Joe Long’s Limited Edition Magic line, is perfectly made and beautifully finished with Okito style trim and decal on the back of the frame, with gold ball feet that swivel out for performance,and flat for packing. 

Effect: A jumbo white card with a hole near one side, and having a red arrow pointing to the hole, is displayed in an attractive frame. The card is removed from the frame and freely shown. It may be examined by a spectator, if desired. The card is replaced in the frame and the performer visibly moves the hole to the opposite side of the card. He then moves the hole to the top of the card — and, finally he moves it to the bottom of the card, whereupon the card is immediately removed from the frame and may again be examined! Yes, the hole is really now at one end of the card! ! It’s mind boggling — it’s clean and completely undetectable to the intimate audience yet large enough to be performed on stage.

You’ll be delighted with the fool-proof method that has been worked out to perform this unique effect. You’ll be proud to present it with the distinctively elegant piece of equipment our reputation for quality demands.

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Approx. Price: $200.00 (2013) ***

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