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Money Machine (Geldmaschine) by Tony Lackner, Harold Voit

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U.F. Grant created the first version of the Flat Model Money Maker c. 1954, as opposed to one using rollers like this. But none of the Flat Model versions I have seen get close to the quality of this Harold Voit/Tony Lackner version.

Not only is this thing very flat with no signs of bulky roller, you can even roll it back and forth on the pad and it really looks like you are see the same bill. This unit is so thin and lightweight that it will easily fit in your jacket pocket. If you add it to the end of a routine like Xerox Money you will have a beautiful routine with a perfect kicker ending.

Effect: Every magician is asked to make money. Now you can convert paper to bills of any denomination! The Money Machine is slim, easy to carry, sets in 10 seconds. It is superbly constructed in Germany of sturdy, chrome-finished metal with a protective rubber base.

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Approx. Price: $130.00 (2008) ***

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