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Locked by Jim Kleefeld

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Boy what an amazing resource Jim Kleefled has created here 🙂  It is filled with pretty much every lock trick you can think of and tons more.  In addition to reading about amazing props and locks, I love how it has lots of historical tidbits to really immerse yourself in the history of this fascinating subject and a very detailed discussion on the highly popular Seven Keys to Baldpate theme.

The only lock effect on my site I could not find in the book is the super rare Keyrumba by Carl Williams but everything else I searched for I was able to find, and there are many others I don’t have that of course appear too. Here is a list of some of the items that are featured in Jim’s amazing book. Makes you wonder what I’ve been up to all these years 🙁

Details: Harry Houdini became an international sensation by escaping from locked handcuffs, chains, cabinets and other restraints. He virtually created the genre known as Escape Magic. He bought, studied, examined, and performed with hundreds of locks in his career. But this book is not about the locks used in escapes, handcuffs or restraints. Escape Magic is a huge field and deserves its own separate study and research. In fact, most of the mechanics of escape locks are widely different from those used by mentalists, since the escapologist strives to have his audience believe in the rigidity and security of his locks.

This book is an examination of locks used by mentalists. It opens with some historical relevance-facts related to lock performance. Following that is a section on the history of locks in general, an examination of the mechanics of locks, both keyed locks and combination locks, then descriptions of a long history of lock products produced for and sold to magicians and mentalists.

Locks, padlocks and keys have not always been used in mentalism. The premise of a performer using his mind to find the key that will open a lock has a long and storied history, but stems from a single source. This opening historical section tells of the events that shaped a classic plot, once unknown, but now common in mentalism.

The ultimate examination of the Seven Keys to Baldpate plot and the use of locks in mentalism and magic. Locked is 360 pages of tricks, routines, explanations, research and history of lock effects. It contains

  • details of 116 lock products,
  • descriptions of 107 published lock routines,
  • explanations of 26 gaffed and gimmicked lock methods,
  • 62 original never-before-published routines,
  • 120 photographs of lock items, and
  • 85 original illustrations, including fully detailed drawings of gaffed lock mechanisms.

Locked was compiled and written by Jim Kleefeld, with a little help from friends like Paul Daniels, Max Maven, Richard Osterlind, Ray Carlisle, John Archer, Danny Archer, Ken Dyne, Dan Harlan, Stephen Minch, Wayne Dobson, Mark Strivings, Tim Ellis, Mick Hanzlik, Chris Manos and more. Locked is fully illustrated in hardcover with a laminated full-color dust jacket.

You will refer to Locked over and over with dozens of routines that use padlocks, keys, combination locks, locked boxes, locked car doors, house keys and more. There are fully scripted routines that are serious, romantic, funny, bizarre, historical, dramatic, magical, mental, mysterious and outrageous. It has material suitable for stage, close-up, parlor, table-hopping, kidshows, and strolling. Locked is the book to get, read, savor, study and enjoy, now and for years to come.

Book is approximately 8.5 x 11 with 360 pages.


Table of Contents

About Locked 7
Along Comes Annemann—————————–7
The Real Inventor————————————-9
Variations ———————————————-10
Literary Beginnings———————————–11
Enter, Stage Left, George M. Cohan—————12
Seven Films of Baldpate—————————–13
The Actual Mountain———————————14
The Odd Phrase—————————————-14
Just Chance Wallet———————————–46

History of Locks 17
Early Padlocks—————————————–17
Security Breakthrough——————————-19
Lock Construction————————————20

Lock Mechanics 20
Instructional Locks———————————–23
Dial Combination Lock——————————-24
Wheel Combination Lock—————————25
Pushbutton Lock————————————–27
Electronic Locks—————————————28

Magic Locks 31
Commercial Magic Locks—————————-31
Carlisle Gravity Lock———————————33
Chrono Lock——————————————-34
Coded Lock (or Induction Coded Lock)————34
Correct Key——————————————–35
Crook Lock———————————————35
David Howarth’s $1000 Safe Mystery———–366
Da Vinci Box——————————————–37
Destiny’s Key——————————————37
De-Val Dupe Padlock———————————38
Digital Dilemma—————————————38
Door to the Harem———————————–39
Dream Lock——————————————-40
Dr. Faust’s Padlock———————————–39
Eagle Spirit Lock————————————-40
E. S. Key————————————————-41
ESP Lock————————————————41
E.S.P. Padlock——————————————41
Five-Key Countdown———————————42
Germain’s Spirit Lock——————————–42
Grismer Lock——————————————44
Haunted Padlock————————————–44
Hemingway Lock————————————–45
Hotel Mystery—————————————-45
Key Box————————————————–47
Key Roulette——————————————–47
Kontrol Key——————————————–48
Larry Lock———————————————- 4.9
Locked For Life—————————————-51
Locked Out Chance————————————51
Lock of Gibraltar————————————– 50
Lock of Zanzibar—————————————50
LuvR’s Lock——————————————— 53
Master Lock Mystery——————————–54
Master Lock Routine———————————54
Master Padlock————————————— 55
Maximum Security————————————55
McColl Locks——————————————- 56
Mental Prediction Lock—————————– 56
Murphy’s Chest————————————— 57
Myster-Key——————————————– 57
Mystic Key——————————————— 58
New Yale Lock—————————————- 59
Pandora’s Lox——————————————60
Paranormal Padlock———————————- 60
Penta-Lock——————————————— 61
Phantom Lock—————————————– 61
Prediction Padlock————————————-61
Prince Albene’s Spirit Lock————————- 62
Psychic Spirit Lock————————————65
Psychokinetic Lock————————————62
Psy-Key-Lock Improved—————————- 64
PsyLock————————————————- 65
Push-Button Iron Lock——————————- 65
Sarandos Spirit Lock——————————— 66
Seven Keys Supreme——————————— 66
Solari’s Spirit Lock————————————-67
Spirit Locks——————————————— 68
Strivings Locks—————————————- 68
Supreme Squire Padlock—————————- 69
Telekinetic Lock————————————— 70
The Kevs of Judah————————————48
The Lock(c)———————————————-49
The Mystery Lock————————————-58
The Palladian Lock———————————–60
The Seventh Key————————————– 67
The Un-Lock——————————————–71
Titan Spirit Lock—————————————71
T.U.R.N. The Ultimate Random Number——— 69
Wedding Rings—————————————- 72
Wonderlock——————————————– 72

Props With locks 75
Antique Pill Box————————————–75
Bill Tube————————-76
Bill Tube-Gold Plated————————–76
Destination Box—————————————77
Diamond Treasure Chest—————————-78
Dr. Q Prediction Chest——————————78
Future Perfect—————————————–79
Future Prediction Chest—————————–80
Jumping Jack Cash———————————–80
Lippincott Box—————————————–81
Locked Deck——————————————-81
Lucifer’s Lock by Tenyo—————————–81
Master Lock Routine———————————82
Monarch Prediction Chest————————–82
Money Box Safe—————————————82
One Panel Treasure Chest————————–83
Psycholdnetic Lock———————————–83
Reproduction Locks———————————-83
Ring Escape——————————————–84
Security Lock—————————————-84
Strong Box———————————————85
The Secret Den—————————————-84
Treasury Transpo————————————85
USB Key Flash Drive———————————86

Puzzle Locks 89
Brass Square Puzzle———————————-89
Cigar Cutter Lock————————————-90
Dog Trick Padlock————————– ———90
Enigma Lock Puzzle———————————–91
Fish Lock——————————– 91
Hidden Lock————————————–91
Houdini Ace Of Hearts Lock———————–92
Houdini Dead Lock———————————–92
Houdini Lockout—————————————92
Houdini Under Lock and Key———————–93
Indian Puzzle Locks———————————-93
Lion Lock———————————————–93
Turtle Lock———————————————94
Wooden Puzzle Locks——————————-94

Key Secrets 97
Key Re-Set———————————————-97
Tool Re-Set——————————————–99
Secondary Release———————————–99
Magnetic Release————————————99
Gravity Release————————————-100
Gravity-Magnetic Release————————–101

Key Strategies 102
Many Keys Exchanged—————————–102
One Key Exchanged———————————102
Forced Key—– ——– 102
Caught Red-Handed——————————— 103
Marked Key—————————————— 104
Iced Key———————————————– 104
Warm Key———————————————104
Pail By Comparison——————————— 105
Swiped———————————————— 105
Swiped 2———————————————– 106

Combination Secrets 109
Dial Restriction—————————————109
Dial Elimination———————– 109
Mental Choice—————————————- 110
Number Force————————- ————–110
Card or Word Force——————- ———– 111
Pre-Show & Pre-Set———————–112
Pre-Show Word—– —————- —————- 112

Mental Value 115
Spectator’s Ring—— ———– ———- —115
Two Rings————————– ———— 116
Borrowed Jewelry——————— ——–116
Bank Night————- ———– ———– 116
Two Spectators————————117
Sealed Cash Box————————————- 117
Buttonhole——————————— 117
Belt Loop———————————————-118
Wine Glass——————————–118
Bashful Trick Lock———————————–89
Car Keys———— ——————————-118
Urban Bicycle Chain————————– 119
Performer’s Sealed Valuables——————— 120
Spectator’s Sealed Valuables———————- 120
Surprise Token Gift—– —————— 120
Prediction ———– 120
Drinks——————— ———- ——— 121
Cigars—— ———— ———————— 121
Cuisine ———————————- 122

Locksmith Tales 125

Mick Hanzlik ——————- ————- 125
Dr. Timothy Moore———————– 127
Jason Palter————————————–129
Chris Manos————129
Jim Sommers——- ———————- 130
Tom Yurasits————— 131
Mike Draganic—————————————-132

Published Routines 135

Another Key to Baldpate————————— 135
Another Key to Baldpate————————— 136
Any Lock Ke-R-Rect——————————— 136
Astradamus’ Houdini Padlock Penetration—-138
Astro-Key——————————————– 139
A Unique Effect————————————–230
Bag O’ Locks——————————————139
Blind in Baldpate———–141
Card-A-Lock—- ——- 141
Combination Lock Trick and Remote————-143
The Compelling Key————————–143
Consealment of Seven Keys————————145
The Crystal Key————————————–146
Davey Jones’ Lock——————— 146
The Devil’s Key—————————————147
Electronic Spirit Lock———–148
The Elephant Who Lost His Trunk Key———-149
Eternal Triangle————————————–152
Eve or Adam——————————————154
Faust’s Padlock—————————————155
Five Minute Murder Mystery———————156
Foxy Loxy———————————————156
The Haunted Padlock——————————-158
The Houdini Wand———————————-159
Hypnotic Key Control——————————160
It’s Your Loss—————————————–161
Improved Seven Keys to Baldpate—————162
Key to the Future————————————-164
Key to the Mystery———————————165
Key to the Situation———————————168
Key to Success—————————————-168
The Key Caper—————————————-162
The Key of Fortunato——————————–163
The Key r rect Way to Swing———————-164
The Key to Seven Keys to Baldpate————–165
The Key to Success———————————-169
Key-R-Rect Close-Up——————————–170
Key-R-Rect Close-Up 2—————————–170
Key-R-Rect Prediction——————————172
Keyed Up———————————————-172
Keys Royale——————————————174
Keys Redux——————————————–175
Let’s Make a Trade———————————-175
Lock and Key—————————————–176
Lock and Key Mystery——————————-177
The Lock and Keys———————————–177
The Lock and Keys———————————–178
Lock Master——————————————179
Lock Master 2—————————————-186
The Lock Opener————————————-188
The Lock Opens————————————–187
Lock Out!———————————————-189
Locked ————————————————189
Locked & Loaded————————————190
Locked On———————————————190
Lock’s Myth——————————————190
Lots O Locks——————————————192
Magic Car Key—————————————-192
A Magician Prepares: Seven Keys—————-194
Master Key——————————————–195
Mind Lock———————————————195
Mon-Key Biz—————————————–197
New Keys———————————————198
Nikola’s 7th Key- ……………. -……….. 198
The Obedient Padlock——————————-199
Oil and No Water———————————– 200
One for the Money———————————202
On the Wall —————————————–200
Padlock Chance————————————–203
Padlocked ——————————————- 204
Paycheck———————————————- 205
Pen-Ultimate Key———————————– 205
Poe’s Beloved—————————————- 206
Pointed———————- 209
Pointers———————————————– 210
The Poor Man’s Baldpate—————————211
Poor Man’s Bank Night—————————– 212
Return of the Seven Keys————————– 213
The Secret to Unlimited Wealth—————– 214
Sense-less Divination—————————— 216
Seven Colors of Wisdom————————— 216
Seven Keys and the Lazy Dog——————— 217
Seven Keys Goes To Lunch————————-218
Seven Keys My Way——————————–220
Seven Keys to Paradise—————————- 220
The Seven Keys of the Jinx————————-221
Six Cold Keys—————————————– 221
Skin in the Game————————————-222
Soundbox——————————————— 223
The Spirit Touch————————————– 223
Three Keys to the Seven Keys to Baldpate—– 224
$1000 Key Test————————————— 225
Tips for a Trickster———————————- 226
Triumph of the Triumverate ——————— 227
The Ultimate Key————————————228
Ultimate Seventh Key——————————-229
Uncle Klink——————————————– 230
Verbal Control ————————————— 231
Watch Closely—————————————- 232
Which Lock——————————————-234
The Zenith Wager———————————– 234

Original Routines 237
Abberline’s Conundrum—————————- 237
A Psychic Game Deluxe——————————313
A Psychic Game of Chance ————————–311
Baldpate Tray—————————————- 239
Broken————————————————– 241
Choice Jewelry————————————— 245
Code Breaker—————————————- 246
Code Breaker Burnt Note to Orange————-247
The Coffin in Lamia——————————— 248
Combination Lock and Ring———————– 250
Count of Monte Cristo—————————– 250
Crowdsource Open——————————— 255
Dated————————————————— 256
DaVinci’s Cryptex———————————– 258
Digital Dilemma 2————————————259
Door to Success————————————–263
Finding My Own————————————-265
Foreign Combination——————————– 267
His Valentine ——267
Holey Cardoley—————————————-269
InstaKey: Dial K for Killer—————————273
InstaKey: Bachelor Pad——————————-278
It’s Hammer Time!————————————282
Keep the Faith—————————————–285
Lizzie’s Barn———————————————287
Lock Luggage——————————————-289
Lock Master Word————————————291
Locks Impossible—————————————292
Love Locked———————————————293
Marvel Money Box———————————–294
Miser’s Keys——————————————–299
Money Combination———————————-301
The NW Out———————————————302
The Night Club Lock———————————-303
Only You————————————————-305
The Osterlind Grismer Lock Routine————-307
Pandora Unlocked————————————-309
The Present———————————————–310
Risque Lock———————————————320
Rolls Away———————————————–321
Rogue Fusion——————————————–322
Seven Keys to Her Heart—————————–329
The Shawshank Escape——————————330
Sherlock Locks————————————332
Stella Starletti——————————————336
Sure Lock——————————— ————- 339
The Thread———————————————–341
The Toy Cupboard————————————–345
Three-Key Monte—————-342
Tile-emetry———————- ——————343
Turn It Up————————————————347
Unchain My Heart————————————-349
Your Money ————– –351

Additional Resources 355

Endnote 359


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1 review for Locked by Jim Kleefeld

  1. Andy Martin

    Boy what an amazing resource Jim Kleefled has created here 🙂  It is filled with pretty much every lock trick you can think of and tons more.  In addition to reading about amazing props and locks, I love how it has lots of historical tidbits to really immerse yourself in the history of this fascinating subject and a very detailed discussion on the highly popular Seven Keys to Baldpate theme.

    The only lock effect on my site I could not find in the book is the super rare Keyrumba by Carl Williams but everything else I searched for I was able to find, and there are many others I don’t have that of course appear too.  Makes you wonder what I’ve been up to all these years 🙁

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